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Apple Bans Purchasing Cryptocurrencies With Its Credit Card

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A credit card from Apple, which is being worked on with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, doesn’t purchase cryptocurrencies. This is stated in the user agreement on the bank’s website.

Therefore, it is forbidden to use the Apple Card to obtain loans in cash and cash equivalents. These, in particular, include passenger’s checks, foreign currencies, and crypto assets.

Also, with the help of the Apple Card, it will not be possible to buy chips at the casino or lottery tickets, as well as betting at the track.

Apple and Goldman Sachs declined to comment on such restrictions.

Note, the release of the Apple Card is scheduled for the first half of August.

Recall, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said that the bank does not exclude the possibility of creating its digital currency, following the example of how JPMorgan did it.



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