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CryptoPersonalities Helps Coronavirus Victims Through a Fundraising Auction

The cryptocurrency industry can make a very strong impact during the coronavirus crisis. CryptoPersonalities is currently running a fundraising auction, which will run for a full week.

Most people in the cryptocurrency space will have heard of CryptoPersonalities before.

CryptoPersonalities and the Coronavirus Crisis

It is a very interesting project focused on pixel art characters.

These characters may represent “personalities” in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Users can collect and obtain personalities in the form of NFTs.

However, every single NFT is unique on the Ethereum blockchain, thus scarcity is certainly a factor.

By conducting a fundraiser, CryptoPersonalities is doing its part during the coronavirus crisis.

All auction proceeds will be donated to COVID-related causes.

The funds will be split evenly between different Gitcoin grants, which are all worth checking out.

To date, the project has issued a few different tokens, and it will be interesting to see if more will be added to this list moving forward.

Efforts like these can help bring more positive attention to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Ethereum. 

Moreover, it also highlights the potential cryptocurrencies have during times of crisis such as this one.

Similar to tech companies, crypto firms try to do their part during the coronavirus crisis.

Depending on the amount of money to be raised, it may prove to be a very prominent fundraising auction.

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