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Chloe Klem NFT Sells for More Than $70K in Crypto

A popular internet meme of a side-eyed Chloe Clem has sold for more than $70,000 in cryptocurrency. The image – which became a popular staple of internet culture back in the year 2013 – has been sold in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT).

Chloe Clem Has Made Her Family a Lot of Money

The meme stems from a day in which Katie Clem told her daughters as they piled into the car that they were not going to school that day. Instead, they were headed for Disneyland. The reactions of her daughters were captured on camera and were eventually posted on YouTube, where the footage has been viewed approximately 20 million times.

One of the girls, Lily Clem, is seen bursting into joyous sobs, while the other – Chloe – is seen just shifting her eyes to the side in a state of confusion and disbelief. At the time, Chloe was only two years old, but she had the makings of an online viral star. Her picture is now even on shirts and stickers that are available for purchase.

But this week, Chloe Clem was the subject of an NFT that has garnered her family a nice little fortune. The meme was recently sold to a music company stationed in Dubai known as 3F Music. It sold for roughly 25 ether tokens, which at the time of writing, are worth more than $74,000 combined. This was just one of many meme NFTs that were purchased by 3F Music, but it worked in the family’s favor.

Rebecca Tushnet – a professor of intellectual property law at Harvard Law School – says that NFTs can be assigned to specific files and objects. She comments:

It is a way of saying, ‘I have a unique instance of a thing that is in fact infinitely replicable.’ It is basically artificially created uniqueness… If you can convince everyone else to pay for it, then it has value. If you can’t, then it doesn’t… This is something that you can have fun with at home and feel like something exciting is happening.

Per Dr. Merav Ozair, owning an NFT is a way to show yourself as the owner of something real and authentic. She explained in an interview:

You go to the museum and see the Mona Lisa, but only the museum owns it. Only they have the original, and they have documents in their offices which can prove that this is really the original.

A Positive Time for the Family

Katie Clem – the mother of Chloe – also threw her two cents into the ring, describing the moment in which the NFT sold as a “great, great day.” She said:

It’s been a really fun thing as our family to do. It’s actually brought us a lot closer over the last few weeks of just trying to figure out everything.

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