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Lenny Moon Is Pushing Fly Coin, a Digital Currency Designed to Reward Frequent Fliers

We’ve all heard of frequent flyer miles. The more you fly, the more miles you’ll earn for future trips. Well, a cryptocurrency company is pushing a new digital asset known as Fly Coin, which will pay users in digital currency granted they engage in specific travel behaviors.

Fly Coin Will Reward Consistent Travelers

The company has recently brought on a new chief executive officer in the form of Lenny Moon. Moon will be tasked with overseeing the market launch of the company. He will also work to expand its horizons and develop a strong operational business plan that will see additional customers flocking to utilize its services and rewards.

Fly Coin has been around for some time already and has been available to flyers of the Ravn Alaska Airline. However, now it looks like Northern Pacific Airways is hopping onboard. The airline is responsible for flying customers of the U.S. to several airports in both Asia and Europe by way of Alaska. Fly Coin and Lenny Moon are looking to ensure more airplane companies “hop aboard” and that additional air travel routes can be utilized to offer customers digital rewards.

Josh Jones – the founder and chairperson of Fly Coin – mentioned in a statement:

Consumers deserve a better reward point system, and the time is now. Our mission is to empower travelers with a crypto-backed rewards system. Its open protocol and finite supply of tokens takes power from the airlines and puts it right into users’ wallets. Moon is the perfect person to accelerate our progress in this endeavor.

In an interview, Moon explained:

The traditional world of travel rewards programs is ripe for change. Fly Coin will provide consumers with a rewards program where the benefits are open and less confined. A cryptocurrency is the medium to reward our loyal customers for traveler participation, but not force their loyalty by constraining how they choose to redeem those rewards. I am excited to lead Fly Coin as we help provide a more customer-centric approach to travel rewards programs. With this organization, and Josh Jones’ experienced understanding and proven success with cryptocurrency, Fly Coin seeks to empower our customers to become decision makers.

Crypto and Travel… They Really Go Together!

Moon will also take on the role of serving as the new chief financial officer of FLOAT Alaska LLC, the parent company of Fly Coin. Tom Hsieh – president of FLOAT – was also quick to praise Moon and tout his experience, mentioning:

Moon brings over two decades of experience in startups, venture capital, investment banking, and fintech. He is an astute professional with strategic vision, financial clarity, and extraordinary operational acumen. With such extensive experience and expertise, Moon will accelerate the status quo of travel rewards programs.

Not long ago, it was alleged through a recent study that more people were utilizing bitcoin and crypto for travel purposes.

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