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Video: Bitcoin Cash Lets You Buy Equity Over the Counter at a Bar

Video: Bitcoin Cash Lets You Buy Equity Over the Counter at a Bar

With all the talk about investing in digital assets new people to the scene might not know that cryptocurrency is still being used as peer-to-peer electronic cash as it was intended. The latest video from shows how BCH is used to buy anything from drinks at the bar to equity in a venture safely and easily.

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Using Cryptocurrency at the Bar

The team recently attended a bitcoin cash meetup at Brewdog in London to sample some of the BCH-fueled nightlife the British capital has to offer. A short video with highlights from the event showcases how cryptocurrency is used by real people to make payments today for everyday purchases such as drinks at the bar.

The London meetup also gave a chance for new people to learn about using the Wallet for fast, cheap and reliable payments firsthand. They got on the spot, real money demonstrations from the team including the company’s top leadership of Executive Chairman Roger Ver and CEO Stefan Rust.

Watch the video on the official Youtube channel, subscribe and make sure to leave a comment to join the discussion.

Equity for Punks

One interesting highlight from the Brewdog meetup video is seeing how CEO Stefan Rust bought shares in the craft brewer with bitcoin cash right at the bar. In July of this year Brewdog, which had already been selling beers for BCH since 2018, revealed that the public can also invest in the company using cryptocurrency. It has a crew of over 1,500 employees, 80 locations worldwide with two breweries in Ellon, Scotland and Columbus, Ohio that export to 60 markets globally.

The brewery’s crowdfunding project, “Equity for Punks,” has been extended until April 2020 and accepts bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), omisego (OMG), qtum (QTUM), augur (REP), 0x (ZRX), bitcoin SV (BSV), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and ripple (XRP). Shares in Brewdog cost £25 each and can be redeemed through the company’s website. It had already raised over £72 million from more than 114,000 people around the world before opening up the crypto option.

Video: Bitcoin Cash Lets You Buy Equity Over the Counter at a Bar

James Watt, Captain of Brewdog, stated at the time: “Our Equity Punks are our community, our shareholders and our friends and the driving force behind our business. The growth BrewDog has shown over the last decade could only have been achieved with their encouragement and support and together we have shown the city slickers what can be achieved with taking charge of something you believe in. Cryptocurrency is exactly the same. If you embrace change to subvert the mainstream we are in your corner; whether your weapons of choice are malt, hops, yeast and water or blockchain.”

Join a Bitcoin Cash Meetup

If you want to join a similar event, you’ll find many local bitcoin cash meetups available all over the world at’s Events page. You can use the map tool to zoom in on your area to see what meetups are available nearby, or just search the directory listing them by continents, countries, cities and so on.

You can also create a new bitcoin cash meetup yourself. If you need help with this, on the same page you have the option to contact the team for support in setting up your new group and getting more people to join meetings based on their experience. Offering drinks for crypto can probably help with getting more people onboard.

An additional way to find bitcoin cash meetups or to see how successful ones are organized is to follow @BCHMeetups on Twitter. This profile routinely publishes posts on BCH gatherings happening in many different countries, information on where people can find meetups in their area, as well as pictures and stories from events that have already taken place.

What do you think about using cryptocurrency as a payment method to buy equity at a bar? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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