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Send BTC To People You Admire with Tippin

If you’re looking to potentially tip people in bitcoin and give them something special for their services, a new app called Tippin is available for use.

Tippin Can Bring BTC Tips to the Masses

The application occurs over Twitter. Users can send BTC via tweets and through the Lightning Network should they choose to utilize their mobile phones instead of their computers. This coming week, an alpha version of the platform will be available for a testing phase on Android devices. These devices will also come equipped with Lightning Network enabled wallets. The company has also said that it’s looking to release an iOS version of the app in the coming weeks, but users can test out the demo they’ve prepared via Twitter.

Anyone who utilizes Twitter can be tipped or do the tipping themselves. The application originally started out as a “browser extension” launched in February of this year by Sergio Abril, a Spanish architect who refers to Tippin as a very “personal project.” It appears the app has already gained an astounding 14,000 users following heavy praise from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Many fans are certain that the application will push bitcoin well into mainstream territory.

The use of the Lightning Network allows bitcoin payments to occur speedily, ensuring customers earn their money in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. Bitcoin is often referred to as the slowest blockchain available today given its age and position in the crypto space, and the Lightning Network – while still relatively new – has worked to ensure bitcoin enthusiasts garner their funds at faster rates.

As great as all this sounds, Tippin is likely to experience some fierce competition down the line. In early August, the makers of the Brave browser – an allegedly much more private internet search engine – added their own tipping application to Twitter that allowed people to tip others in Basic Attention Tokens, otherwise known as BATs.

Interestingly, while both platforms are likely to garner a lot of attention in the coming months, bitcoin and cryptocurrency tipping is nothing new. The concept has been around virtually since 2014 as one can see by online chat forums such as Quora in which enthusiasts delve into the idea of tipping people with BTC during a time when the cryptocurrency was barely trading in the $1,000 range.

 Why Hasn’t This Been Utilized?

The ability to tip others in BTC was technically available during this time, yet it wasn’t particularly common, and the idea that a social media conglomerate like Twitter would later add such capabilities to its own platform was unheard of.

Even when Tippin first came out last February, Twitter was reluctant to bring the app aboard. The company suddenly changing its mind is clear evidence that the currency is garnering stronger attention and moving up the financial ladder.

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