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Ethereum Classic and iZbreaker Join Hands Over Privacy Concerns

Ethereum’s “older brother” Ethereum Classic is making some positive headlines with the announcement that it will team up with iZbreaker to form private communities where blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can communicate with one another.

 Ethereum Classic and iZbreaker Go Hand in Hand

iZbreaker says it’s all about “personal, family and professional relationships.” Through its new partnership with Ethereum Classic Labs, users can be privy to a new rewards program that grants them loyalty points the more they engage with other users within their specific communities. Founder and CEO of the system Erik Wachtmeister explains in a statement:

 The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on the pasts of other people. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us. The iZbreaker target communities are already connected by three degrees of separation. By leveraging the platform, members will significantly enhance opportunities to interact based on their existing personal networks, interests, modes, intents and locations.

One of the company’s primary goals is to deter people from heavy social media use. The venture acknowledges that while social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be fun, the conversations are not always real, and they’re hardly ever personal. In addition, these companies have shown what they’re capable of in the past when it comes to exploiting people’s private data.

Wachtmeister further stated:

 After extensive due diligence, it’s clear that ETC Labs and building on Ethereum Classic’s public blockchain is ideal to unleash the power of iZbreaker, achieving our goal of delivering a secure, user-guided discovery experience. It also enables meaningful connections for the world’s most connected and influential individuals, including industry influencers, artists, athletes, fashionistas, actors, politicians and entrepreneurs.

In addition to the loyalty rewards, users will also be privy to “technical expertise and support” from enterprises that are looking to build their blockchains within the Ethereum Classic network.

Terry Culver, the CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs’, mentions:

 We were excited about the iZbreaker project and team from the beginning and thought it was an ideal fit for Ethereum Classic’s security, low transaction fees and stability. iZbreaker’s unique approach lets participants expand and capture their community of friends of friends online and share their information on a public chain while preserving data sovereignty, integrity and security.

 Creating More Personal, One-on-One Relationships

iZbreaker president Jay Kolbe says:

 The way we connect as people in the digital age has declined greatly from what excited and delighted us for thousands of years when making connections. We’re about to change that with iZbreaker. With the help of ETC Labs guidance and technology expertise, we look forward to enabling a special community to make user-guided, authentic and trusted connections that enrich lives, families and business endeavors.

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