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Hivereck Trading Bot Lets Traders Easily Take Advantage of Arbitrage Opportunities


Hivereck, a London-based software solutions company, has developed an innovative yet simple trading bot to easily manage arbitrage trading. The market-leading bot is suitable for both novice and professional cryptocurrency traders — leveling the playing field with its simplistic algorithm.

Arbitrage trading is on the rise and is being used more frequently by Altcoin and Bitcoin traders (both amateur and experienced). Cryptocurrency and traditional forex have proven to be hard to predict but Hivereck has created a new and simpler tool that will benefit all levels of traders to mitigate transaction exposure and boost profits — the solution that all traders have been waiting for.

In the past, traders were required to possess detailed knowledge of the exchange, fees structures and APIs to be able to place successful trades. However, the innovative arbitrage bot means that this will no longer be the case.

Many exchanges offer the same currency pairs but the rates between them can vary from 1% to 15%. This offers great earning potential for Altcoin or BTC traders. The Hivereck bots grants users an average of 2% to 7% and profits are allowed to be withdrawn twenty-four hours after the trade.

Arbitrage trading is a strategy used globally to buy low and sell high, taking advantage of varying order book prices at different exchanges, regardless of market conditions, making it a popular tool around the world with its potential to make strong returns.

Hivereck is an arbitrage trading bot that trades several pairs between numerous exchanges. It also includes company funds, with the addition of the funds deposited and locked by users internationally. Hivereck’s strategy works by buying cryptocurrencies from exchanges where the prices are at their lowest and searching for prices in different exchanges to then sell on the exchanges where the prices are at their highest. This ensures that traders receive profits depending on their assets.

Hivereck levels the playing field by offering transparency, efficiency, and simplicity. Its algorithm allows users to simultaneously place numerous currency pairs between several global exchanges so that it is easier to identify and exploit prices as they differentiate. Everyone is in search of good deals when it comes to finances and providing traders with this solution — to search and transact — makes the Hivereck bot the perfect marketing tool to assist digital traders in finding better trades.

Users can withdraw their funds within 24 hours depending on their asset values, and can also use fiat currencies to trade. To get started on the Hickerick platform register an account here, and then proceed by depositing cryptocurrencies into the wallet, then choosing BTC or USD to collect earnings.

There is a range of other currencies aside from BTC and USD that can be deposited including LTC, EHM, and QTM. Once the account is active and has funds, users can trade at over 75 global cryptocurrency exchanges across 1,500 markets, granting traders maximum exposure.

Users benefit from maximum returns with Hivereck, and arbitrage trading is just that little bit easier. To learn more, visit Hivereck Solutions at http://www.hivereck.

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