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Sun and Buffett Lunch Will Be Moved to Later Date

It appears Justin Sun has cancelled his million-dollar lunch with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett Has Been Stood Up?

What kind of person would reschedule or potentially skip out on such an opportunity? Well, someone who was allegedly too sick to go or held against their will. The latter was being reported by Chinese news outlet Caixin, which stated that Sun – the chief executive of TRON – was being held in China “over accusations of illegal fundraising, gambling, money laundering and pornography activities.”

Sun, who boasts a massive social media presence (he has over 1.4 Twitter followers alone) immediately took to his pages to announce that the story wasn’t true. Rather, he was dealing with kidney stones and was not in a healthy enough state to attend the meeting. That said, he’s currently working to reschedule the lunch with Buffett quickly, as he doesn’t want to miss this chance.

Sun has explained in the past that he wants to use the opportunity to turn a non-believer into a true follower. Buffett, as every crypto enthusiast knows, is no fan of bitcoin, and has even compared the currency to “rat poison” in the past. He has called it a delusion and swears that it is likely to bring the financial space to its knees.

Buffett is not the only major American businessman to house this idea. President Donald Trump, who prior to his time in politics made a name for himself by buying up and renovating half the buildings in lower Manhattan in the 70s, 80s and 90s, recently submitted a massive barrage of tweets explaining that cryptocurrencies were “not real money” and that their values were based on “thin air.” He said that the only currency with real value in America was the U.S. dollar.

Sun, on the other hand, has made his living with cryptocurrency. As the founder of TRON, Sun says that he’s hoping he can use the lunch to speak with Buffett and potentially “talk some sense” into him. He wants to use the time to explain bitcoin’s benefits and properties that place it in the “financial revolution” category rather than the “disruptor” category.

 Trying to Make the Case for Crypto

The lunch will not simply be a small meeting between the two business greats. Sun has stated that he will invite a “full-court press” to attend the lunch so that reporters and guests alike can see what will be discussed and what the outcome should be. In addition, he has asked that Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and e-Toro founder and CEO Yoni Assia also attend. He has also commented that he intends to give Buffett a smartphone “filled to the brim” with cryptocurrencies, predominantly bitcoin and Litecoin.

To put it plainly, Buffett’s conversion would certainly make him a great addition to the crypto family.

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