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Former U.S. President Trump No Longer Opposes Bitcoin, Says It’s Livable

Former U.S. President Donald Trump Shifts Stance on Bitcoin, Acknowledges Its Viability

Users on social media speculate that Trump’s recent softer tone towards Bitcoin might be an election strategy to appeal to crypto-focused voters.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, has changed his tune regarding Bitcoin. Once a critic who labeled it a scam during his presidency, Trump now states it’s something he can live with, acknowledging its growing demand. In a recent interview with Fox News, Trump was asked about his perspective on China’s rising digital currency and whether Bitcoin, a decentralized currency network, is the solution. Trump responded by emphasizing his preference for the U.S. dollar but also recognized the increasing popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin. “I like the dollar, but a lot of people are doing it (Bitcoin), and frankly, it’s living its life. As you probably know, there should probably be regulations, but many people have accepted it, and I see people wanting to pay with Bitcoin, and you see something interesting,” Trump explained, indicating his adaptability to Bitcoin’s existence.

Trump’s recent shift in attitude towards Bitcoin starkly contrasts his previous views during his presidency. At that time, not only did Trump denounce Bitcoin, but he also reportedly instructed the Treasury Secretary to go after it. Currently campaigning for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, many believe this change in stance on Bitcoin could be attributed to this reason. Several X users think Trump cannot ignore the growing crypto community, with others suggesting he’s employing a typical Trump tactic: not fully committing to one approach.

Crypto enthusiasts believe Trump is strategically omitting a pro-Bitcoin statement followed by a pro-U.S. dollar remark to gauge public opinion among voters, likening it to fishing to see which direction garners more popularity. Over the years, many politicians have leveraged digital currency in their election campaigns as a means to attract a new generation of voters and appeal to tech-savvy constituents. Trump is currently leading the race against Nikki Haley, another Republican presidential candidate.

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