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Block Mate Is Instigating Quick and Easy Crypto Buys

Crypto firm Block Mate Ventures has launched a new platform that will allow its customers to engage in instant crypto transactions. Traders and investors can log onto the website and instantly purchase assets like bitcoin and Ethereum in mere minutes or seconds.

Block Mate Ventures Seeks to Make Crypto Purchases Faster

The purchases can be done through credit cards or other local payment methods. Block Mate Ventures is introducing a new simplified interface that will be easy and readable for even those with limited or no trading experience. The onboarding process will also be super simple for anyone interested in engaging in the company’s services.

Andrew Smith – CEO of Blockchain World Ltd, the parent company of Block Mate Ventures – commented in a recent interview:

The launch of and are examples of how Block Mate can monetize a deep portfolio of digital assets suitable for the blockchain and crypto sectors. Onboarding from fiat to crypto is one of the biggest challenges for customers new to the crypto space so addressing these issues with our premium domains enables Block Mate to monetize ownership while the domains appreciate as interest in the blockchain space grows. Although the sector is currently undergoing a crypto winter, we anticipate higher website traffic and demand for crypto onboarding as the sector cycles similar to previous downturns.

The above news is a testament to the fact that despite current bearish conditions, the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency remains fresh and interesting in everyone’s minds. The digital currency arena has been bombarded with volatility over the last year. The space is not doing well, and the industry has lost more than $2 trillion in overall valuation.

On top of that, mainstream currencies like bitcoin – the world’s largest and most popular digital asset by market cap – have lost more than 70 percent of their value. BTC was initially trading for about $68,000 per unit in November of last year (a new all-time high), though at press time, the asset has fallen into the low $20K region. It’s a sad and ugly sight to see.

A Super Easy Platform?

When customers visit Block Mate, they are instantly prompted into selecting their digital currency of choice. They then select a digital wallet they’d like to use for checkout purposes. In the future, the team plans to offer digital wallet creation services for those with a little more trading experience and who would like to have more say in how their assets are handled. The company’s profits will also depend largely on things like transaction volumes and uptake.

As a leading web3 incubator focusing on blockchain businesses, Block Mate has worked to spread decentralized finance (defi) throughout the monetary space, thus giving traders and customers more autonomy. The company has been funding and creating successful ventures since the dotcom era.

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