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24 Exchange and Talos Join Hands to Offer Crypto Trading to Institutions

Crypto trading platform 24 Exchange has joined hands with a network called Talos, which is a provider of digital asset trading technology. Together, they are giving customers access to new forms of crypto-based liquidity that will allow them to engage in quick and easy transactions and financial settlements.

24 Exchange and Talos… The Perfect Match?

Dmitri Galinov – the CEO and founder of 24 Exchange – commented in a statement:

By integrating into the growing Talos partner network, 24 Exchange will provide Talos customers with enhanced access to digital asset trading opportunities and increased liquidity. Expanding access to Crypto Spot trading is a key component of 24 Exchange’s growth strategy, and we are pleased to achieve that while also delivering a new liquidity venue in partnership with a respected pioneer such as Talos.

CEO and co-founder of Talos Anton Katz also threw his two cents in, commenting:

24 Exchange has quickly established itself as an efficient and reliable global exchange that continues to expand the asset classes its customers can trade, including Crypto NDFs and Spot. Clients on the Talos partner network are seeking access to the seamless execution and settlement services that 24 Exchange is offering in Crypto Spot. We are excited to bring 24 Exchange’s high-caliber liquidity destination to our network and platform.

24 Exchange works to introduce institutions to the art of crypto trading. The company offers highly competitive fees, quick and simple connectivity, and a trading platform that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can trade whenever they want and not have to worry about their transactions being delayed or not going through within set periods. At press time, the company offers trading through several different outlets including FX Swaps, Crypto NDFs, and FX Spot.

Last February, the enterprise submitted a new license application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the hopes of establishing a whole new digital exchange service.

The goal of getting more institutions involved in crypto has been a large one. It is often said by analysts and industry heads alike that unless institutions get involved in crypto, the space is not likely to achieve the level of mainstream legitimacy it deserves.

Getting More Institutions Involved

While we have certainly seen instances in the past of institutions stepping into the digital currency trading scene (software giant MicroStrategy and Jack Dorsey’s payment platform Square are big examples), we’re not where we need to be, and an institutional presence is still lacking in many ways.

First established in 2018, Talos shares 24 Exchange’s goal of getting institutions involved in crypto. The company seeks to provide end-to-end trading to high-end business clients, along with bilateral access to providers of liquidity. The company also offers customizable connectivity solutions for institutions such as hedge funds, service providers, asset managers, and custodians.

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