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Vitalik Buterin Co-founder of Ethereum Owns 100k Dogs of Elon ($DOE) Tokens

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Vitalik Buterin now officially owns 100k $DOE, after the team sent the tokens to his ENS address – vitalik.eth. Taking a look at Vitalik’s address on Etherscan, we can see his $DOE balance along with the other tokens that he owns.

Don’t worry, even if Vitalik does end up selling his $DOE tokens, it won’t have a huge effect on the market. Sending tokens to Vitalik’s address seems like a great way to potentially receive a shoutout or a tweet from one of crypto’s biggest influencers.


The recent donation comes amid a Coinmarketcap shoutout on twitter, that mentioned Dogs of Elon and their recent listing on a few major exchanges like Poloniex and

Coinmarketcap has been supporting Dogs of Elon during its presale and has an ongoing Airdrop for $DOE which is open to the public. There are over 1.3 million users participating in the Airdrop which shows that there’s real interest associated with this project.

In addition, looking at the Dogs of Elon NFT collection on, we can see quite a bit of users trading their NFT collection.

According to OpenSea, over 149 ETH worth of Dogs of Elon NFTs have been traded so far. That’s over $700k at the time of writing!

Dogs of Elon Staking

If you’re holding a $DOE bag, you can put it to good use by staking it. You can easily stake $DOE by using their official website and you can unstake the $DOE at any time.

At the time of writing, you can stake your $DOE at a 63% APY. The Total Value Locked is currently at $48.1 million with a total of $28.6 million staked across all pools.

Where to buy Dogs of Elon

Most of the trading volume for $DOE is coming from Uniswap, followed by You can use any of the exchanges above to purchase Dogs of Elon. We recommend Uniswap, or Poloniex if you’re looking for an easy user experience.

Certik Audit

One of the most reputable services on the market these days is Certik, who audits smart contracts of projects and gives them a security ranking. 

Dogs of Elon received an 83% security score with a 30-Day high score of 89%. Moreover, according to the issues report on Certik, the team has resolved all Major and Critical issues regarding $DOE.

There are only 5 findings remaining with Dogs of Elon, with the highest priority being 2 Medium issues.

It’s clear that the Dogs of Elon team is pulling their weight, continuing to work hard on the project. The NFTs have been minted and started trading on opensea, showing desirability for the collection.

There’s healthy trading volume on the market and a few major exchanges have added the token. With a market cap of $75 million, Dogs of Elon still has a lot of room for growth. My prediction is $1 by EOY.

This is not trading or investment advice, always do your own research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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