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Crypto Community Criticizes The Theory Of Manipulating Bitcoin Single Whale In 2017

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This night several exchanges recorded an increase in the Bitcoin rate by more than $ 300. BTC is currently in the correction. All TOP-10 cryptocurrencies demonstrate a positive movement except Tether stablecoin.

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Stellar cryptocurrency recorded the maximum growth results (+ 19.52% per day). Recall that cryptocurrency implemented the movement against the background of the burning of half of the project tokens XML by representatives of its team.

Note that changes in the market occurred against the backdrop of the publication of a study by Bloomberg, in which professors John M. Griffin and Amin Shamsi presented the reasons for the behavior of bitcoin in 2017. According to experts, one person was behind the changes in the price of cryptocurrency – a large investor (“whale”).

The results of the professors’ study caused a flurry of criticism from representatives of the crypto community. So, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano wrote in his microblog that he considers the information provided by experts a lie.

He subsequently ridiculed the results of a study by professors. In his opinion, one person could not cause such an increase in the asset.

Frank Chaparro, a journalist of the popular The Block publication, in turn, joked, calling himself the “culprit” of the movement of the bitcoin exchange rate in 2017. WhalePanda, a popular blogger in the crypto community, also ridiculed a Bloomberg article.

Meanwhile, participants in the crypto community began to wonder how popular media would explain the next active increase in the value of the cryptocurrency.

At the same time, users note that the movements of Bitcoin do not go to any comparison with the schedule of the growing US public debt.

While members of the crypto community are arguing with representatives of the media, bitcoin managed to prove its relevance by moving into third place among the most popular tools for paying online orders in Italy.



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