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D Community Builds the Next-Generation Traffic Entrance in the Blockchain Industry

D Community ( is a youth community based on blockchain technology, which is upgraded from the well-known ACG brand “Dilidili”. With the prior success of “Dilidili”, D community has achieved great experience to build the ecosystem. So far, D Community has generated 30million to 40million monthly active users (MAU) which is the same level with the NASDAQ listed company HUYA and it will not only become the collection of the young, but also the most powerful traffic engine in the blockchain landscape. Startup project is a plate form that aims to provide users with access to innovative and advanced projects, and based on the recognition of the strengths of D community, has decided to list D community as the next startup project on 2019-08-28 12:00:00 UTC+8. 

For more details, D Community token symbol is DILI, the total supply is 10 billion and the initial supply circulation is 27%. Regarding to the token price, during the Cornerstone Round, one DILI equals to 0.01 USDT while the price is 0.0143USDT for the private round. The startup price is 1 DILI = 0.001435 USDT, with the fundraising goal of 2,152,500 USDT. 

D community is dedicated to building a comprehensive ecosystem for the pan-entertainment ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology, where all the participants can share the value with transparent and decentralized rules and processes. Thus, it will disrupt the pan-entertainment industry and give users more freedom to enjoy their experience. 

Moreover, with the development of blockchain technology, all kinds of infrastructures have occurred in the market, although it is quite necessary for substantial industry development, the number of users has not increased accordingly. This causes a serious shortage to the market since there is not enough traffic to support the existing blockchain ecosystem, which restricts the further development of the industry. 

“Traffic is king” is always the truth in the Internet era, and it is even more important to the blockchain industry. D community is willing to bridge the gap of lacking traffic in the blockchain industry based on the existing user base while further establishing the entertainment ecosystem at the same time. 

The D community consists of the website and DApp of DILIDILI, ACG games, ACG E-commerce, ACG animation exhibition, ACG IP and ACG information streaming media. Initially, D community will attract more young users to participate in the ecosystem via the ACG measures, including animation, e-commerce, games, crowdfunding, live shows, etc. Meanwhile, the traffic engine owned by D community will integrate the demand and supply end perfectly so that the traffic will flow efficiently and accurately in the entire ecosystem.

The Dili DApp is the community based on the animation business since this segment has very high weight in the whole ecosystem, and it will the most frequent feature used by the community users, content creators and traffic partners. 

Besides, D community will integrate ACG e-commerce platform with the product and divides it into two parts: self-run and merchant-settled e-commerce. In the self-run platform, users are encouraged to pay DILI for the products since you can enjoy benefits with DILI payment. Generally speaking, it has two forms: 1) use DILI for the full payment and get an 8-10% discount compared with the payment of fiat currency; 2) DILI shopping vouchers which has the value equivalent to half of the commodity price can be used to deduct some of the cost.

In this case, D community will be the decentralized platform which provides the e-commerce merchants with the chance to get settled and share the huge user traffic. For doing that, merchants are required to deposit some DILI and they can enjoy different discount or commission dependent on the deposited DILI amount. Also, D community will distribute the vouchers to merchants to enhance their price competitiveness. 

D community will provide users with different games through the platform, and the game developed by D community will be stored on the blockchain to ensure the fairness and transparency of the data and assets. Also, D community will incentive the game providers and users on the platform with DILI reward. Eventually, DILI will be the only circulating currency in the game ecosystem, and the huge number of users who join the gaming system will be the solid foundation for the DILI value. 

IP crowdfunding platform

D community will support high-quality IPs at the very beginning on a global scale. It will open the IP crowdfunding channel for users to invest in their desired IPs at the initial stage to enjoy the potential profits with the development of the IP economy and all the benefits will be distributed to the subscribers based on the proportion of their invested DILI. However, when people want to launch their crowdfunding, they need to hold and lock up enough DILI to get eligibility. Thus, the IP crowdfunding platform will not only support the talent IPs, but also give users the chance to invest at the early stage and enjoy higher profits, which facilitates the DILI circulation and establishes the win-win ecosystem. 

Traffic engine for the blockchain industry

The D community traffic engine is powered by a set of decentralized protocols that connect the traditional traffic sources and multiple networks. It consists of four modules which include engine source, engine workstation, traffic pool, and traffic exchange protocol. This traffic engine will enable the blockchain projects to acquire enough user traffic to support their ecosystem, and let users achieve reasonable rewards according to their behaviors, which helps to solve the pain points in the existing blockchain landscape.

After a comprehensive evaluation, decides to list D community as the next Startup project which is the platform that aims to provide users with access to innovative and advanced projects. The Dili Token Startup sale will start on August 28, 12:00:00 UTC+8. For more details, please visit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release

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