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Craig Wright To Challenge The Court Decision, Which Obliged Him Paying 500 000 BTC

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Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur who has been trying to prove to the community that he is the creator of Bitcoin, intends to challenge the court decision. According to this one, he must pay the family of his former business partner Dave Kleiman more than 500,000 BTC.

However, on August 30, Wright’s lawyer Andres Rivero sent a petition to Florida’s District Court with a request to grant a 14-day delay. He set to appeal the decision to recover a half of all BTC and intellectual property rights that Craig Wright owns. Wright allegedly owned handsome funds until 2014 years, in favor of the relatives of deceased Dave Kleiman.

According to the document, Craig Wright believes that Judge Bruce Reinhart did not have the necessary authority to make such a decision. He added that the Australian lawyer’s team would need an additional 14 days to evaluate its legal force.

Officially, the appeal deadline is September 10th, and if the application is granted, this date will be postponed to September 24th.

As one of the reasons for the postponement of the time, lawyers also cite circumstances of an exceptional nature – Hurricane Dorian, which threatens to soon fall on Central and South Florida and thereby limit the possibilities for full-fledged work.

Andres Rivero also emphasizes that the petition was filed “based on best intentions”, and not to delay the case.

The Kleiman v. Wright case affects 1.1 million BTC in a certain Tulip Trust. However, the existence of this trust, presumably protected by a complex cryptographic scheme and legal barriers, remains in great doubt, as is the fact that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nevertheless, when deciding last week, Judge Reinhart did not understand whether the Australian scientist created Bitcoin, after which the lawyer of the latter concluded that the court decision only proves this. You can read more about the process here.

Note, that Ira Kleiman, the brother of the deceased computer criminalist, will have to pay 40% of the amount awarded to him if Wright does not manage to challenge the decision of the district court in the court of appeal. Some have already expressed concerns that this may adversely affect the BTC price. However, after several years of embarrassment, almost no one in the community takes Wright’s claim to Satoshi’s laurels seriously, respectively – it is unlikely that he ever owned such bitcoin capital at all.



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