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More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash

Over the last two years, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network’s protocol and third-party infrastructure have grown in robust fashion. There are now more than 70 projects and applications built on and around the BCH chain. The following is an in-depth guide on how to benefit from the growing number of BCH-based projects and tools available today.

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Progressive Development and Statistics

Just recently published a BCH resource page comprised of a vast number of tools and services available to Bitcoin Cash supporters. The list features more than 70 unique BCH projects and applications accessible at any time like games, social media, payment gateways, merchant services, and wallets. The BCH chain has a lot of third-party support, and protocol development shines as Bitcoin Cash continues to spread innovation. For instance, there are 8 Bitcoin Cash full node clients available including Bitcoin ABC, BCHD, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bcash, Flowee, Scash, Bitprim, and Bitcoin Verde. The BCH chain also has two programming languages including Spedn, and Cashscript.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash

According to Coin Dance BCH statistics, software engineers have completed 24 projects including increasing the block size to 32MB, enabling Schnorr signatures, re-introducing the Satoshi opcodes, adding OP_Checkdatasig, and Increasing the default datacarriersize to 220 bytes. Coin Dance is another great community-driven statistics and services website that can be found on the projects page. Alternatively, for statistics and other types of data perspectives, BCH fans can visit Coinsalad, Bitcoin Fees, TX Highway, and Txstreet.

Social Networks, Blogging, and Tipping

Bitcoin Cash also has a bunch of cool social networks where people can tip, earn, and record onchain data in unparalleled fashion. There’s the BCH social network and protocol and Honest Cash, for example. Then there’s the Memo extension Member Client and the Patreon-like Bitbacker platform. All of these applications allow BCH supporters to participate in discovering and supporting content creators using bitcoin cash for incentives.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Memo has been an extremely popular social network that utilizes BCH OP_Return transactions for all actions.

Clients like Memo and Member use OP_Return transactions so arbitrary data can be stored on the BCH chain forever. Not only can users choose to tip BCH on these platforms they can also tip and crowdfund with applications like Tippr, Gitcash, Tip Bitcoin Cash, Freedom Support, and Tips Monitor. Since these projects have been introduced BCH supporters have been tipping random folks to show the power of BCH, funding projects that bolster the advancement of liberty, and using social media applications that foster content creation.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
With Tippr users can tip bitcoin cash on Reddit and Twitter.


The BCH ecosystem has a wide variety of games and casino platforms as well, allowing people to wager funds in order to win more BCH. There’s which offers a wide variety of games like slots, roulette, Satoshi circle, blackjack, video poker, dice, craps, and keno.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash

BCH users can also visit the oldest crypto gaming site online, Satoshidice, and other great gaming platforms like Satoshistack,, Nakamoto Game, and Spinbch. With the Bitcoin Cash network deposits are instant, and because of the transparency of blockchain technology, games are provably fair. Many of the platforms like exclusively use BCH and offer anonymous and instant registration. BCH-based games are fun and allow participants to win big jackpots by simply depositing small fractions of bitcoin cash.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Satoshidice and Satoshistack.

Extending Bitcoin Cash Innovation

There are other types of software development that have cushioned the BCH chain with many benefits. People can now transact more privately using bitcoin cash with the shuffling app Cashshuffle. Individuals and organizations can now tokenize anything using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). Since the SLP launch last year thousands of unique tokens have been created on top of the BCH chain.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
The Simple Ledger Protocol has unleashed thousands of tokens built with Bitcoin Cash.

There’s also Bitbox Scaffold Websockets, CashID, Cash Accounts, and the Panda Suite. BCH participants can also utilize the Last Will and Mecenas plugins for inheritance and recurring payments. These platforms can be used with certain wallets like the Wallet, Electron Cash, Badger, Simple Wallet, Ifwallet, and Crescent Cash.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Wallets that support Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. Memo, Ifwallet, Electron Cash, Badger, and Crescent Cash.

Moreover, with Cointext people can easily send BCH to their friends and family over an SMS messaging service to any mobile phone even without internet service. Users can also utilize the ultra-fast and privacy-centric Neutrino Wallet created by the BCHD team. There’s also Bitcoin Cash Notes for people interested in unique pre-loaded BCH paper wallets.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Noncustodial financial services are the future. Check out the Wallet for storing BCH and BTC.

Payment Services, Merchant Directories, and Places to Spend BCH

The BCH ecosystem also has a variety of payment gateways and processors that help people spend and accept BCH for goods and services. For example, there are free merchant register applications from which are available for both Android and iOS devices. Then there’s Bitpay, Anypay Global, Coinbase Commerce, GoURL, Gateway Cash and who also provide reliable payment services for merchants and people paying for products using bitcoin cash.

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Find merchants with Marco Coino.

Additionally, people can easily find merchants that accept BCH using the Marco Coino platform that’s available for mobile devices and desktop browsers. Greenpages is a community-maintained bitcoin cash merchant directory as well. Of course, there’s where users can save 15% or more on Amazon shopping with BCH. And there’s Bitcoin Rewards too, which gives you cashback incentives in BCH when you transact online. Just launched this week is the new Zeux app for Android and iOS which allows crypto proponents to pay with BCH via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Working for Bitcoin Cash, Decentralized Shopping, and Bounties

There’s a multitude of ways people can earn BCH by using platforms like Openbazaar and Haven. Both applications allow users to shop with bitcoin cash in a private fashion. BCH fans can earn money using Lazyfox and Tewtew by creating content and solving tasks. To commemorate the Bitcoin Pizza day there’s, a website dedicated to BCH-accepting pizza shops and rewards. BCH Coffee is a similar platform and instead of pizza, the service offers rewards for people who get coffee shops onboard with BCH. Those looking for freelance work and who are willing to work for BCH can use the website Working For Bitcoins. People can also help with bounties via, and go on real BCH treasure hunts with the geocaching game

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin Cash
Use BCH to shop privately with Haven Privacy and Openbazaar.

Peer-to-Peer Trading and Spreading Economic Freedom

We can’t forget to mention the launch of, the peer-to-peer BCH marketplace. is a game changer for cryptocurrency trading, global trade, and spreading economic freedom worldwide. There’s also platforms like Bitcoinfiles which allows people to pin data to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Bitcoin Cash blockchain. And there’s Sideshift too, which provides people with the ability to swap BCH and a wide range of other digital assets instantly. There are so many BCH applications and projects that fill our BCH resource page and there’s still a bunch more bitcoin cash apps in the works. Bitcoin Cash supporters believe the future is bright in regard to the potential BCH has to offer the world, and passionate fans are relentlessly spreading the gospel of the decentralized currency’s variety of attributes.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash-based projects and applications hosted on our BCH resource page? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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