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Indian Crypto Fraudsters Battered Their Leader To Death And Eventually Lost 6,000 BTC


On August 30, Indian police revealed a terrible story that befell a group of cryptocurrency scammers.

Kerala’s 35-year-old resident Abdul Shakur tricked investors in Mangeri, Pandikkad, and Malapuram for a total of more than $ 62 million in BTC. Having deceived people, Shakur, together with one of his partners, went on the run.

Police also identified the five Shakur accomplices who were later arrested. According to police, these same accomplices beat Shakur to death.

During the interrogation of the accused, the police found that Shakur forced these people to sell bitcoin in the aforementioned Indian cities. Many relatives of these people were also involved in a fraudulent scheme.

After cheating customers, Shakur fled with one of the partners. On August 12, they arrived in Dehradun and rented a house there, and later other members of the group joined them.

Shakur announced that he had lost the password for his Bitcoin account. He told his accomplices that he would reimburse them such an amount by issuing his cryptocurrency. However, they did not believe Shakur and began to torture him to get a password.

It was also established that on August 26, as a result of torture, Shakur lost consciousness. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors said that he was dead. Then they took him to another hospital and fled from this place. It turned out that five more gang members are on the run.

It seems that scammers have failed as a result of losing the private key to the bitcoin account. It is also possible that Shakur simply did not want to share these funds until the very end. It can also be assumed that more than 6,000 bitcoins illegally obtained by this group of persons are also lost forever.



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