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Venezuelan Government introduces new Cryptocurrency Platform

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The National Superintendent of Cryptoactives, Joselit Ramírez, announced that Patria Remesa, a platform for sending money is fully operational. The money can be sent from abroad to the country through the Patria System.

During his Venezuela Crypto program, broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV), Ramirez mentioned that international payments via the Petro are safer and more affordable than existing remittance services which citizens outside of the country are currently using to send money to friends, family, relatives residing in Venezuela.

“It is the easiest, easiest and safest way to send money,” Ramírez said while inviting Venezuelans to save on Petro that is available to all nationals “and it is the only way that income is not depreciated.”

“The Petro was a plan designed by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, to counter the attacks of imperialism and heal the wounds of war,” he added.

According to the news published on Twitter, The government has declared that Petro had been made available for purchase on Oct. 29, 2018.

 “The world is evolving, there is a new economic revolution that is coming to continue advancing in the country and contribute to the world economy. The traditional financial system is no longer enough. That’s why cryptocurrencies arrived to open their eyes to the economic world, ” Ramirez further added.

One can purchase the token either from the coin’s official website or from six government-authorized cryptocurrency exchanges: Bancar, Afx Trae, Cave Blockchain, Amberes Coin, Cryptia and Criptolago. The user can use U.S. dollars, euros and Chinese yuan, in addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Dash to purchase the cryptocurrency.

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