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Waves DEX will now support Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens

Waves platform announced that it will provide support for Ethereum-based (ETH) ERC-20 tokens. The team has also recently launched a new gateway with Vostok (VST) and Ergo (ERGO) support.

Waves DEX is a centerless crypto stock market pillar of the blockchain project. With the addition of this new token, the platform is expecting a new set of traders and assets that will affect positively on WAVES and other listed tokens. It supports a huge number of native crypto assets.


Last year, the platform has conducted voting for listing ERC-20 token. Bancor (BNT) won the voting and became the first candidate for listing on Waves DEX. All technical features are then tested and the BNT trading started from August 22 at 11:00 UTC.

The next asset that can be added via the gateway is ETH. BTC support is planned to start and scheduled for September.

Fees and limits for BNT

Waves DEX users can deposit BNT on their balances with no fees. At the withdrawal, there will be a fixed fee, 0.4 BNT.

Deposit and withdrawal limits:

Min — 2 BNT

Max — 100 000 BNT

New ERC-20 tokens will be added gradually. The Waves community take part in choosing the next token which will then be listed on the platform.

About Waves Platform

Waves is the fastest blockchain platform with real-world solutions for end-users, businesses, and developers, to store or exchange tokens, trade swiftly and securely (DEX) or run fraud-proof business logic (Waves smart contracts).

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