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Bitcoin Rewards are Spreading with Major Partnerships

Bitcoin Rewards are Spreading with Major Partnerships 101
Lolli joined hands with a major goods and food delivery service, Postmates. Source:

There are new announcement coming in every day showing major partnerships being made which help cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. A particular area that has been spreading recently through various partnerships is bitcoin rewards, and we bring two of such most recent news.

Cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer partnered with technology services company Tpoint Japan, thanks to which customers in participating locations are rewarded with loyalty points for paying in bitcoin and they can exchange their loyalty program points for bitcoin.

As their announcement explains, Tpoint is used by 69.61 million people, which is over half Japan’s population. Now, the so-called “T-POINT Program” will enable customers to exchange 100 T-Points for JPY 85 (USD 0.8) in BTC. Additionally, if customers use bitFlyer Wallet to pay in BTC, they will get one T-point for every JPY 500 worth of BTC they spend.

“As part of our mission of “Making the world simpler with blockchain,” we will continue to contribute to the further development of a sound virtual currency industry”, the announcement states. “Tpoint Japan aims to turn their well-known points into “Points for people. Points for connecting people and society.”

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Another partnership was announced to the Cryptosphere, after bitcoin rewards company Lolli, which enables their users to earn BTC when they shop from Lolli’s partner merchants, joined hands with a major goods and food delivery service, Postmates. It’s said in the announcement that Postmates operates in 2,940 U.S. cities and provides access to over 250,000 merchants. shows 6.15 million visits to in July.

Now the two companies have an offer for the U.S. Lolli users: each user will receive back USD 2.25 worth of BTC on every order they place on, with the new Postmates users getting USD 18 in BTC on their first order. In celebration of the new partnership, there’s also a special offer prepared: users can get 10,000 satoshis (USD 1), 25,000 satoshis, or 100,000 satoshis if they make a purchase from Postmates through Lolli and fulfill several more related conditions depending on the amount.

CEO and Co-founder of Lolli, Alex Adelman, said this partnership is another step towards the mainstream adoption of BTC, given that Postmates is used every day by people across the country. “One of Lolli’s objectives” he says, is to “make bitcoin a part of people’s everyday lives. Our partnership with Postmates achieves this. Everybody eats and now you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering in when you’re stacking sats on each order.”

Cashback rewards have been made popular by credit card companies seeking to attract new customers for their cards. Fortunately, for cryptocurrency users, there are also bitcoin cashback reward platforms that pay shoppers small rebates in bitcoin when making purchases with supported merchants. Read more about other bitcoin reward platforms here.

Meanwhile, just yesterday, wrote about two more announcements that show how crypto adoption is growing. One of Austria’s biggest mobile network operators, A1, will be accepting in-store payments in six popular cryptocurrencies, BTC included, at selected stores, while Venezuelan department store Traki partnered with PundiX, who will provide all 49 of Traki’s Venezuelan stores with XPOS blockchain-powered point-of-sale hardware.


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