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Vex Block Digital Asset Platform Partners With the World-Leading Financial and Consulting Organizations

Bitcoin Press Release: Vex Block, the Maltese based cutting-edge blockchain platform developed for the blockchain enthusiasts, is steadily emerging in the blockchain industry and with a purpose to become the market-dominant soon. Vex Block participated this year at Blockchain Futurist 2019 in Canada.

“The blockchain industry has experienced up and down over the last 2 years, since, it has created a sense of high volatility instead of stable development, VEX BLOCK come to resolve that issues,” says the founder of VEX Block, Kevin Olsen. 

“VEX BLOCK is remarkable and outstanding in the ways we have developed the products, strengthened the ecosystem and also how we have approached the market, world financial giants are behind us to occupy and scale up the market capitalization, we have our unique plans to skyrocket our VBO price, especially in the first 4 phases we will defenitely show a massive gain” Says, the community manager, James Carvosso.


“We will have some working products released within the next 3 months, VEX visa card will be given to our global leaders, supervised by our venture capital firms and consultants, this is associated with other banking ATMs, and later top-performing markets will be installed dedicated VEX ATMs for the experience.” James Carvosso impresses.

VEX Visa Card associated with the worldwide banks

The Maltese blockchain project is a very unique organization that powered and funded generously by 4 capitalists and advised by 5 consultants to guarantee a big success over the existing competitors, the maximum amount funded can be nearly half of the US dollar billion. Based on the buy and supply-demand theory, the funds will boost the VBO price to increase significantly over time.

Media Contact


Contact Person: Kevin Olsen

Email: [email protected]

Country: Malta


Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release

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