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PR: SMART VALOR Lists Bitcoin Cash & Offers Users 5% Cash Back in Crypto

The first Swiss company to operate an integrated cryptocurrency exchange and custody, SMART VALOR, has added Bitcoin Cash to its range of listed tokens.Why does this matter and what’s in it for buyers?

The listing of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on SMART VALOR matters, because it is the first fully compliant and licensed exchange launched out of Switzerland and Lichtenstein by a team of crypto pioneers of early Bitcoin days.

Founded in the Thomson Reuters Incubator in 2017, SMART VALOR today is one of the largest players in the Swiss Crypto Valley, the fastest growing global blockchain hub hosting over 800 blockchain companies. The firm is backed by big investors such as Tally Capital and Venture Incubator, funded by leading Swiss companies and banks such as Credit Suisse.

“Today, Switzerland is the largest global wealth destination, home to a quarter of all global offshore wealth. For over 200 years this place stands for data privacy, safety and security, with an impeccable reputation and high-quality banking services. The same is true for Liechtenstein. But until today, ironically enough, neither Swiss Crypto Valley, nor Liechtenstein, had an exchange offering trading and custody of digital assets. SMART VALOR has changed this, giving the privilege of stable, safe-haven jurisdiction not only to the rich, but to all.” said Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR and former XAPO and UBS executive in an interview with CoinDesk.

During a recently fully-booked joint meetup in South Korea, Seoul, hosted by SMART VALOR & Bitcoin Cash to commemorate the listing, Roger Ver said:

“SMART VALOR is a safe place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies…
I’m interested to give it a try, you’ll see me trading there as well!”
– Roger Ver

A useful feature of the SMART VALOR Platform is that users can buy Bitcoin Cash in four separate fiat currency pairs (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF) via bank wire or instantly with a credit card. Additionally, the exchange is offering trading and brokerage with zero transaction fees.

5% Bonus offered on BCH purchases on the SMART VALOR Platform*


The decision to list BCH was a natural step for SMART VALOR, as it represents the second most used cryptocurrency for payments, which belongs to the top 5 largest crypto assets by market cap providing a super-fast, cheap and reliable transactions.

Watch what Roger Ver had to say about SMART VALOR below:

*Terms & Conditions: Bitcoin Cash Bonus Campaign

The user will receive a 5% bonus (up to $50) on any purchase of Bitcoin Cash on the SMART VALOR Platform. The minimum purchase to partake in the bonus is $200. Campaign participation is available until the 11th of September 2019. The bonus will be allocated in an equal split between BCH & VALOR.

How to participate:

Register on and complete the onboarding procedures. Registered users are also eligible to participate in this campaign.

Purchase Bitcoin Cash (BCH) either via Bank Wire, Credit Card or Bitcoin, before the 11th of September 2019 at 00:00 CEST.

Participants must hold their Bitcoin Cash in their BCH wallet on until the 20th of September at 12:00 CEST.

On the 25th of September the Bitcoin Cash bonuses will be deposited to the respective BCH wallets on The VALOR bonuses will be allocated as well, and subject to a lock-up of 1 month (25th October 2019).

Bonus calculation:

The total amount of BCH bought on during the campaign will be taken into account. Only the Bitcoin Cash still held in the users BCH wallet on will be considered towards the bonus (total applicable amount for bonus). Half of the bonus is in BCH and half in VALOR.

The amount of 2.5% of the total applicable amount for the bonus is provided in BCH up to a maximum of 0.083BCH ($25). The latter split of 2.5% of the total applicable amount for bonus provided in VALOR (1 BCH = 260 VALOR) is limited to a maximum of 20 VALOR ($25).

Additional terms:
Only users that are eligible to trade on the SMART VALOR Platform can participate.
Bitcoin Cash deposits will not considered in the calculation for the applicable bonus amounts.
Exchange rates have been fixed according to the bonus calculation above on August 23rd 2019.
SMART VALOR has the right to discontinue this campaign at any time.

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