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Everything You Need to Know About Marshal Lion Group Coin

The world has gone digital, and so has the way of living. With the advent of blockchain technology, financial transactions have found a safer and secure haven. Be it the smallest of purchases to mega business deals, blockchain is gradually forming a steadfast presence in the domain of cashless economy. In such circumstances, Marshal Lion is here to help you make the most out of it.

About Marshal Lion

A registered Warsaw company, Marshal Lion is an innovative and appropriate alternative for anyone who wishes to participate in the Polish non-bank lending market. The blockchain platform strives to provide its investors with a secure approach to this market and the necessary tool to utilize it to its potential – the Marshal Lion Token. The investors would initially place their funds at the disposal of the Marshal lion team, for the purpose of building a competent platform dedicated to non-bank loans and products related to them.

The Marshal Lion Token

As part of the Initial Coin Offering of Marshal Lion, 120,000,000 tokens will be issued at a value of 0.25 USD each. The total value would, therefore, come to 300,00,000 USD. These tokens would be the very tools investors can use to participate in product investment. 

The platform uses Smart Contracts for all transactions, which ensures that the entire process is decentralized. The very feature of blockchain technology – transparency and security because of decentralization – reflects in the functioning of the Marshal Lion Smart Contracts. The tasks to be performed by the token and pre-defined within the Smart Contracts are – purchase, transfer of ownership, transfer of token fee and finalization of the process.

The guaranteed reputation of the Marshal Lion token comes because the token value is not derived on the basis of trust. It depends on the solid product value on the actually dedicated platform and I derived based on loans and forecasted interest revenues. Besides, the company has a reputation in the non-bank loan market for years and it is the same reputation that the token has earned for itself.

Why go for Marshal Lion?

  • Offers a secure, modern, decentralized approach to the investing parties
  • Cost-effective and fast process
  • Numerous opportunities for growth and income for the investor
  • The number of intermediaries reduced, ensuring a better experience
  • Lesser legal obstacles to financial transactions
  • Unnecessary costs and confusions bypassed
  • The standard structure is improvised for a better experience
  • Fully automatic process
  • User-friendly platform to encourage more and more investors
  • Generates access to an otherwise difficult to approach sector
  • Loans catered to encompass the private and the public sector along with hybrid loans

How does it work?

The steps of business for Marshal Lion is the following:

Step 1 – Interested individuals and companies invest in Marshal Lion and place their money with the company

Step 2 – A dedicated platform is created out of this for the users interested in buying and selling tokens

Step 3 – Token owners are offered products based on non-bank loans and maturity dates

Step 4 – Large token pool of 300,000,000 USD value allows granting loans to the company’s clients

Step 5 – Investors profit from the product and token sale

Unlike other platforms that provide tokens on the basis of trust and luck alone, Marshal Lion provides a dedicated platform dealing in non-bank loans granted to companies and individuals. Besides, the company is well-established in the same genre for years now, before going digital by entering the blockchain game. The tokens would be based on the actual value of the product on the platform.

Token Allocation

The tokens on the Marshal Lion Platform are allocated the following shares – Sales 80%, Advisors 5%, Airdrop 5%, and Team 10%.

Learn more about Marshal Lion Group

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