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Crypto Classes Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Cryptocurrencies are entering mainstream territory as of late, which means many members of the general public are likely seeking to learn more before they invest their time, energy and money into the space. Luckily for them, many new classes and courses are available to help them understand what crypto and blockchain is all about.

Classes in Crypto Are Far More Common

While there have been studies in the past showing well-known universities and state colleges offering classes in the subjects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, many of these come with expensive price tags. As we all know, the United States is suffering from severe student loan debt – nearly $1.5 trillion at press time – which means college classes are usually priced to the hilt.

While getting a degree in the subject of crypto is likely to take lots of money and time away, there are other options available to you that are either free or cost only a fraction of the price. If you’re simply looking to get a stronger feel for crypto before you invest, or if you’re just starting out and want to learn a little more about digital assets before taking bigger steps, these classes and others like them could be the answers you’re looking for.

In one course – Introduction to Digital Currencies offered by UNIC – students have the honor of calling Andreas Antonopoulos their teacher. As a renowned crypto expert who’s been making his home in the space for the past several years, Antonopoulos has authored several books on blockchain and digital assets including “Mastering Bitcoin.” To take his class is the equivalent of enrolling in an acting course taught by Al Pacino or a film directing class by Steven Spielberg. You’re arguably learning from a true master.

The class offers its students a brief history of money, while integrating when cryptocurrencies came about and how they fit into the general scope of the global financial infrastructure. It also talks about how these assets are being implemented into the general financial system, which companies seek to permit crypto payments, and how banks and cryptocurrencies interact with each other. Once the course is over, students are given a final exam to give their teacher an idea of how well they’ve retained the knowledge.

 Coinbase Isn’t Just an Exchange – It’s a Teacher

Coinbase, the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange is also teaching a few classes. One, called Coinbase Learn, provides students with flashcards regarding the basics of crypto. These flashcards deal with several topics including how to buy and sell digital assets to the process of extracting new coins.

There’s also Coinbase Earn, which discusses several different altcoins that students will ultimately earn by testing and scoring well. Think of it: do well in the class and then get paid for it. No doubt, students are looking to practice hard in this class.

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