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US Unveils FedNow, Bitcoin Cash Vs. Coinbase | Coffee and Crypto

In the latest episode of “Coffee and Crypto,” Cointelegraph’s head of editorial Olivia Capozzalo and head of news Molly Jane Zuckerman have discussed the biggest headlines in the crypto world — armed with steaming cappuccinos.

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In the video, Capozzalo and Zuckerman have a packed agenda.

First, they make sense of the news that the United States Federal Reserve has started developing a 24/7 system for real-time payments — sparking endless questions and comparisons to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple’s XRP. Zuckerman says: “I hear the words ‘real-time payment and settlement system’ and I think that can only be done with blockchain.”

Next, the pair discuss the news that alleged photographs of Binance users completing their Know Your Customer (KYC) checks have been posted online — and contemplate how the leak could have happened. Capozzalo asks whether privacy concerns and the inconvenience of KYC processes is keeping some crypto enthusiasts from centralized exchanges.

There’s also time to explore the long-running legal fight between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Coinbase, with a judge ruling that the exchange didn’t act fraudulently during its botched launch of the cryptocurrency.

Elsewhere, Zuckerman discusses so-called “sextortion” scams where victims blackmailed in exchange for BTC — one of which inadvertently affected one of her loved ones.

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