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Etihad Airways adopts decentralization with Winding Tree Blockchain

The national airline of UAE partners with Winding Tress, the Swiss blockchain startup. The pilot over blockchain will manage logistics pilot using decentralized and distributed technology. With this, Etihad Airways joins the league of the top air carrier organizations like Lufthansa Air Canada and Air France-KLM.

As per the 8th August report by the Reuters report, the blockchain startup will support Etihad to manage its B2B distribution system. The Etherum based B2B marketplace offers customers direct access to the published inventory. Using the platform, airline service providers can operate without intermediaries.

Etihad’s director of digital innovation, Tristan Thomas, stated that the intermediaries who manage the flight times, travel itineraries and baggage tracking are inflating the price of the services. While talking to Reuters, COO of Winding Tree, Pedro Anderson, said that the team has been experimenting with blockchain. The focus is to establish solutions for companies so that they can penetrate deeper into the market with competitive pricing.

The Winding Tree innovative platform promises access to real-time information systems. These logistics solutions based on blockchain can is perfect for airlines, hotels, and tour planners across the globe. Many major airlines have been using blockchain for ticketing and more services. 

Winding Tree integrated blockchain platform into the existing set up of Air Canada in 2018. The integration offered improved distribution and sale of air travel itineraries and products offered by Air Canada. In 2017 alone the firm partnered with Lufthansa, Air France, and Russia’s S7 providing a wide array of distributed ledger support

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