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Upgrade to High Liquidity Exchange EurekaX and Get 300 ERK Bonus

Crypto exchanges provide traders with a platform to connect and buy or sell their assets. The exchanges act as an intermediary, matching buy and sell orders, giving everyone an opportunity to make profit.

The ability of an exchange to execute an order relies heavily on them being matched. If a seller of a particular crypto cannot be matched with a buyer who is also willing to trade on the same conditions, an exchange cannot take place. It is this ability to fulfill exchange requirements of an asset for another that is called liquidity and it is a very important measurement tool to determine the effectiveness of a crypto exchange, especially during volatile market situations.

EurekaX: Discovering Liquidity

EurekaX is a crypto exchange that has found a unique way to overcome exchange liquidity issues. The platform is already being used by traders for buying and selling of tokens built on the Eureka Network. To offer them even bigger liquidity, the exchange has decided to share its order books with some of the biggest exchanges globally, such as OKEx and Binance.

The EurekaX exchange offers unique advantages for traders:

  • One of the highest liquidity market for cryptocurrencies.
  • Registration for new members in less than 2 minutes.
  • No limits on trading volume.
  • An extremely low fee of 0.2% of the actual transaction.
  • One of the highest security environments of any exchange.
  • Multiple order books.

The EurekaX exchange will further lists all tokens built on its parent Eureka Network, offering them the same liquidity as any other. What’s more, for the first 100,000 new members, the exchange will offer 300 EurekaCoin (ERK), the native token of the Eureka Network, valid until 21st August, 2019.

This means that the platform will be distributing 30,000,000 ERK tokens, which does not include the extra 200 ERK users can earn for each successful referral. With 150,000,000 ERK tokens in totality, this gives scarcity to the tokens you earn, making them even more valuable.

Further Development

The EurekaX exchange is not the only exchange platform that the Eureka Network is working on. Decentralized exchanges offer users several advantages, such as increased security, faster execution and letting users connect their wallets, allowing them to trade their assets directly, without the need of handing over their assets to the exchange.

In that vein, EurekaDex is a decentralized exchange that will be launched in Q4 2019, with the profits to be used to buy back ERK tokens, driving the token’s value ever higher.

About Eureka Network

A decentralized project, the Eureka Network combines Bitcoin network’s UTXO model with Ethereum-based Smart Contracts and Virtual Machine. The network uses more efficient and energy-friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) to secure the network. It offers the best of both worlds and with its exchanges, offers a faster and cheaper way to trade.

For more information on the exchange, visit the website: 

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