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Try out the EurekaX, the Highest-Liquidity Exchange and Get 300 ERK Signup Bonus

Aug 11, 2019 at 13:52 // News

The rise and fall of token and coin values is tapped through exchanges and a good exchange makes all the difference between profit and loss.

For any cryptocurrency trader, the ability to make trades on his own terms is the ultimate dream. The rise and fall of token and coin values is tapped through exchanges and a good exchange makes all the difference between profit and loss.

On an exchange, trades are executed only if a seller and buyer orders are matched. The ability to match is called liquidity and this is the fundamental aspect any trader looks for in an exchange. The liquidity of an exchange is the base against which it is determined to be effective.

And here lies the problem that makes many individual exchanges ineffective for trading, since not every asset’s sellers and buyers are easily matched.

EurekaX: The Most Advanced Liquid Exchange

From the developers of the Eureka Network, comes an
advanced crypto exchange, called
EurekaX. The exchange aims to be the most liquid crypto trade platform. It achieves this by sharing its order books with other large exchanges like Binance and OKEx. The exchange offers unique benefits such as:

  • Easy Registration: New users can sign up and trade in under 2 minutes.
  • Limitless Trade: There is no limit on the trade volume.
  • Low Fee: The exchange only charges 0.2% of the trade.
  • Liquidity: The highest liquidity of any exchange.
  • Top Security: The exchange employs the latest in security measures to protect user assets.

The exchange is now offering the Eureka Network’s native token, the EurekaCoin (ERK) to new traders. By signing up,100,000 users will receive 300 ERK each. This means that there are 30,000,000 ERK up for grabs. With a total supply of only 150,000,000, this is already a significant factor for scarcity value.

Of course, current active traders are as valuable as new ones for the exchange. For these, the exchange is offering an additional 200 ERK for every successful referral.

Future of Eureka Network

The Eureka Network prides itself on being an innovative ecosystem and keeps itself ahead of the competition by ensuring timely and new developments.
EurekaX, with its high level of liquidity, gives traders of tokens on the Eureka Network a solid and strong platform to conduct trade and transactions.

Along with the exchange, the Eureka Network developers are also working a decentralized exchange,the EurekaDex. With an exchange that is decentralized, it will give added security, leveraging the famous military-grade encryption of the technology itself.

Another advantage that traders will have through the EurekaDex is that they will not need to deposit their assets on the trading platform. They will be able to connect their wallets directly to the exchange and trade with others, the assets being swapped without the involvement of the exchange itself. The EurekaDex is set to be launched by the end of 2019.

About Eureka Network

A complete blockchain ecosystem, the Eureka Network blends the UTXO working model of Bitcoin and the smart contract under virtual machine of Ethereum. The platform employes Proof of Stake (PoS), rather than the traditional Proof of Work (PoW). This means that the exchange is energy efficient and cheaper to run.

For more information on the liquid exchange, visit their
website. Signup and receive 300 ERK

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