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Tron Officially Releases Sidechain Scaling Solution Sun Network

Blockchain-based decentralized application platform (DApps) Tron (TRX) has announced the release of a sidechain scaling solution, the Sun Network, in a blog post published on Aug. 11.

Tron has released the V1.0 code for the Sun Network, which is a scaling solution designed to enhance and ensure a supposedly unlimited scaling capacity of the Tron mainnet. This will purportedly let DApps consume less energy and run with higher security and efficiency on Tron.

The post further reads that the Sun Network supports smart contract transactions and more customizable requirements such as setting sidechain incentives, transaction rates and confirmation speed, among other features. The posts explains:

“The overall solution of the Sun Network will provide unlimited scalability to the Tron MainNet, allowing for more possibilities to the development of Tron DApps and the entire ecosystem. The solution also strives to bring positive impacts to the whole blockchain industry while flourishing the Tron network.”

Tron initially revealed the expansion plan for its second layer scalability solution this spring, with  the network’s testnet launch in late May. At the time, Tron said that it plans to launch an optimization process for improving the ease of using the network and facilitating the deployment of sidechains in mid-September.

Earlier in August, Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, claimed that the first version of Sun Network will allow for 100x scalability and the building of decentralized applications on sidechains, as well as allowing for longer smart contract execution times, and interchain withdrawals and deposits.

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