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Amazon is Seeking a Software Engineer to Put Ads on Blockchain

Aug 09, 2019 at 10:15 // News

That particular engineer will participate in Advertising Financial Technology Team aiming at the use of cryptocurrency and DLT.

The United States multinational electronic commerce firm Inc., based in Seattle, is working on integrating blockchain tech in the advertising sector. The e-commerce bull is seeking for a competent software engineer with experience in distributed ledger technology (DLT).

That particular engineer will participate in Advertising Financial Technology Team aiming at the use of cryptocurrency and DLT. The newly created team located in Colorado state, US, will have to bill and resolve systems to offer maximum transparency on international monetary information.

The blockchain or distributed ledger tech will help in defining tech architectural path of undeveloped field for Amazon and other companies in the ad commerce.

Albeit, the corporation has not disclosed the kind of tech it plans to deploy. Beforehand, the Amazon Web Services team created a proprietary DLT dubbed Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) combined with the Managed DLT service, with the potential of linking AWS with the Ether and Hyperledger Fabric DLTs.

Digitalizing Everything

The ecommerce bull is pushing to work with a wide range of firms which have frequently used or tried to apply blockchain tech in advertising. The overall clue is about the application of this groundbreaking novelty to have a stronger prospect about the flow of funds gathered by advertising platforms in order to shun inconsistencies.

Just like how digital currencies displays which addresses transacted funds, the amount that was transferred, the time of transaction, also an advertising ledger has the potential to trail the amount of ads were demonstrated by a certain user, the amount of banners that were put on the internet, and even shows the amount of revenue it amassed, etc.

Now the public is waiting to see if Amazon is going to launch such a platform in various areas of the sector. The digital commerce bull already has a lot of inside development ideas for DLT-centered products which will possibly be accessed on the global market.

Other big companies including
Mastercard, Microsoft,
Facebook are busy delving into blockchain tech. Recently, the payments service provider Mastercard Incorporated, launched a blockchain-based network of prevent forging in the art and fashion sector, and is currently recruiting blockchain and digital currency professionals to form a strong DLT team.

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