Cryptocurrency News AMA Summary – A Preparation For Q4 held their AMA on Twitter with Founder and CEO Kris Marszalek on August 8, 2019. Kris was emphasizing on how massive Q4 will be for and has a lot of top-secret roadmap announcements. Also, a few major product releases which he was trying super hard to hold back.

Over the next 60 days, there will be 25 huge improvements coming to their product and growth will accelerate once they launch Europe in Q4 as well. Some things being revealed is the roadmap though is APAC card shipping, Europe card shipping, public testnet going live and pay.

Although lots of juicy information can’t be disclosed yet, there are many takeaways from the AMA session we have summarised for you. If you want a quick understanding of the projects you can watch these two interviews Altcoin Buzz did with Kris in February 2018 and March 2019.

Information and Updates for the USA
  • Crypto top-up options for the US will be implemented this month. wants the community to let them know which coins they would like to have a top-up option for US cardholders.
  • They have a solution to extend coverage in the USA to over 45 states. They cover pretty much everything outside of New York. Targeting it to be live sometime in September.
  • Crypto Invest in the USA is still waiting to be carried out as US compliances vary from state to state and it is a very complex process.
Stats Shared
  • Over 800,000 App installs, expecting to hit 1,000,000 at year-end.
  • 8,000,000 $MCO have been staked
China Expansion
  • Progress in China office/operations have started in China
  • End of the month 10-15 people on the ground in China
  • Office space is about 60-70 people in China/ and expected to reach 200 strength of the team at year-end.
MCO Card Updates
  • plans to ship as many cards as possible before increasing the limits on existing cards. They aim to address this issue on monthly card limits next year once more cards have been issued.
  • is focusing on benefits for the 500 staked MCO tier which is their core group of consumers. is looking to have their card outperform other cards like American express platinum card. More details coming in August/September.
  • Apac cross border is being solved first before moving to ICO cards.
  • MCO Visa to Apple Pay is on their list and is in the process of getting done.
MCO Token Updates
  • MCO private perks will be unveiled in Q4. is focusing on building infrastructure.
  • 50% of MCO reserve life tokens are to be hodl forever but they have plans on the roadmap to turn the company into a fully profitable business and not depend on any reserve or fiat for funding.
  • The utility of MCO is constantly increasing and Kris urges the community to constantly throw feedback and ideas to increase the utility as well. App
  • Timeframe for blockchain integration for new coins takes about 2-3weeks for 1 new integration so users can expect to see at least 3 new coins being added with deposit and withdrawal options. The objective at the end of the year is to reduce the integration time frame to 1week per coin.
  • Interest earned in Crypto Earn, MCO cashback, and referral bonuses are all bought by the company on the markets.
  • Changing portfolio for Crypto Invest can be done in September when they implement the updates.
  • Enabling MCO to be used as collateral for credit is in progress. You will be able to see it live early September.
Other Updates
  • They have finalized the details of their outdoor campaign which is a high meme potential campaign. If you are going to be in hotspots like San Francisco in early Q4, you will see there. If they see great results they will continue to be aggressive in marketing.
  • South American Countries is not on the road map as of now
  • Video advertisements are out are ready which are specially made for the US.
  • No further statement to be made regarding a CRO airdrop replacement but will continue to invest heavily in building their community globally which benefits their users but in a less direct way.
  • The company is still in the investing stage and isn’t profitable yet but will inform of this milestone once it is hit.
  • Switzerland is on the list for but it takes time
  • There will be Fiat deposits option in early September and a Fiat withdrawal option in late September being implemented.

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