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VeChain and Penfolds Partner To Combat Wine Counterfeiting

VeChain the enterprise blockchain solution and Australia’s leading wine provider Penfolds have partnered to use Wine Traceability Platform in order to track import of Wine in China.

Penfolds leading Cabernet Sauvignon’s Bin 407 have been tagged with N.F.C. chips to be tracked on the blockchain. The Chinese wine customers can now scan the N.F.C tags and get access to the product details which will be stored on VeChain tamper-proof blockchain. Penfolds and VeChain collaborated to fight the wine counterfeiting which is on the rise in China. VeChain will ensure the product provenance details are stored on their blockchain and all these details will be audited by third parties like DNV GL.

A case of Bin 407 bottles have been fitted with N.F.C. tags and these bottles can be purchased from three stores – the Sen Lan Shan Du store in Pundong’s, D.I.G’s Flagship Store and Waigaoqiao International Alcohol Exhibition & Trading Center.

The leading Chinese Importer D.I.G (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods Co., Ltd.) partnered with VeChain technologically to use WTP which was launched in 2018. According to the details the platform uses VeChain ToolChain which provides blockchain-as-a-solution and uses IoT (N.F.C. tags) and mobile devices to track the Bin 407 bottles. D.I.G has been aggressively adopting blockchain and has imported over 20 Wine products using blockchain. The disruption has helped D.I.G gain a 10% increase in sales as the customers have access to the provenance data of the product.

The leading auditing Corporation, Ernst & Young, is also making use of blockchain technology to track and trace the import of wines from Europe to Asia.


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