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Crypto Price Analysis & Overview: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Decred


The $10,800 resistance was breached easily. We saw a sharp rise in the last few hours which lifted the price to $12,325 and the current resistance. If the rally continues, the next resistance is at $13,200. Support in this range is around $10,800. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is trading at around $11,500 for now, and it seems to be preparing for a move.



Trading against the US dollar, the trend continues slowly. The resistance is at around $230, while the next target to breach is around $260 which is on the 50MA line. Support in this range is at around $215 if the uptrend continues.


Trading against Bitcoin, Ethereum broke through support around 0.02 BTC, and the price dropped to 0.019 BTC, which is the lowest price since March 2017.



Trading against the dollar, the $0.29 support level has held up. Resistance is found at around $0.33, which is a critical price level. If it breaks down, the 2019 floor which has been holding up so far will be broken.


Trading against Bitcoin, the trend reversed at around 3,360 satoshi as the price returned to 2,700 sat and even broke below it on the way to 2,600 sat. It’s unclear whether we will see further declines.



Much like other altcoins, Dash’s USD price has corrected. However, support held at $78 and we saw a rebound to $105. The support in this range is $100. The resistance is $120, which is where the 20-day moving average is located.


Trading against Bitcoin, the price has been correcting since the support at 0.0165 BTC was broken, as there has been no additional support found just yet. The 0.0088 BTC level has been holding, but it’s unclear if it’s a support. Resistance in this range can be observed at 0.01 BTC.



Trading against the dollar, the momentum slowed and the price broke down to the support found at around $25. Then it moved back up to $30 which is where we saw support taking shape. Resistance in this range is located at $34.


Trading against BTC, the support at 0.0025 BTC is safe, as the price corrected and held in the meantime. Bitcoin’s rise over the past few days lowered Decred’s price to 0.00246 BTC, where we can identify a bottom. The resistance has remained at around 0.003 BTC.


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