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Binance Has Denied Information About Users Data Leak


A new post has appeared on the Internet about the hacking of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. According to it, scammers stole the data of users of the trading platform and posted photos of documents on the Telegram group.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reacted to the report of a hacker attack and promised to investigate the situation. At 12:15 UTC, he posted on Twitter an information which stated that the information about the hacking of the exchange is not true. He posted a link to similar news that appeared on the network on August 24, 2018. Then an unknown hacker claimed that he was able to get user data. He uploaded scans of documents as a confirmation. However, this information was subsequently refuted by the Binance staff.

Boxmining service does not recommend downloading files uploaded to the Telegram community dedicated to hacking Binance, as they may contain malware. According to the firm’s experts, the attackers deliberately spread fake news to force exchange customers to open their group and download a database to search for their documents. Using malicious files, hackers can gain access to an account on the Binance website and steal cryptocurrency.



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