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BlockV Platform is Using Blockchain to Bring Vatoms to Life, Creating a Whole New Augmented Experience

6th August 2019, Zug Switzerland – As our world evolves into an age of mixed, virtual and augmented reality, new kinds of human experience become possible and with them, incredible opportunities emerge. As these mixed reality layers become part of daily life, BLOCKv’s platform for the creation of Vatoms gives developers, publishers and brands superpowers to do amazing new things; using the power of blockchain, frictionlessly, for mass consumer engagement.

BlockV’s Vatoms are unique for each user, often coming in the form of varied digital objects. Such objects can be developed into anything, from a vatomized Festival ticket, to an interactive digital billboard. This new technology opens so many new doors in the application of VR and Augmented reality, and how it can be applied to a real world applications, connecting brands with customers across the globe.

Do you want to create a Pokemon-Go like experience for a marketing campaign or event? 

Vatoms makes this easy: At NRF, one of the largest retail conferences in the world, Intel and BLOCKv partnered to show the future of retail engagement, allowing attendees collected digital butterflies that fluttered in AR, carrying brand messaging and prizes, driving extraordinary levels of engagement.

What about building a bridge between a game-universe and a brand or retailer? 

BLOCKv’s platform simplifies bridging these “dimensions of experience” – so it will be possible to play a computer game online and win a coin, or collect a branded in-game item and then redeem this Vatom for its physical equivalent at a retail outlet. 

How about a UI integrated into a smart-contract for a logistics firm?

Vatoms provide an interface layer for blockchains and in turn, make smart contracts accessible for everyday applications. Vatoms have already been featured in some incredible live campaigns across the advertising, music, gaming and sports industries. Vatoms have been used for ticketing and engagement for Free Your Mind, a major music festival in the Netherlands, “hacked” London’s most famous and exclusive digital billboard as part of an incredible blockchain gaming experience.

Top brands such as Heineken, Sony Pictures, Miller Lite, and Fjallraven have used them in successful campaigns, and global media groups such as Publicis are seeing huge potential and are partnering to roll out Vatom-based experiences to global consumers.

BlockV Vatoms are going to have a huge impact on these and many other global industries over the next 12 months, and will all powered by BLOCKv’s VEE token.

VEE tokens can now be traded via Bittrex, Ethfinex, UpBit and exchanged directly through Bancor Network.

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