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Meet The PIT Boss: Nicole Sherrod

The only thing harder than prying a high-powered finance executive out of retirement is hiding her away for over a year to secretly lead the team behind your biggest product launch ever.

Fortunately for us – and everyone who will trade crypto in The PIT over the coming weeks, months, and years – we were able to do just that when we hired Nicole Sherrod as our Head of Trading Products last July.

Nicole has dedicated her 20-year career to championing retail investors by giving them a powerful yet fair trading experience and providing an edge over the institutions that have long profited off individual investors’ lack of technological sophistication.

From leading active trading product at TD Ameritrade, the world’s largest online broker (and starring in their commercials!) to modernizing E*Trade’s active trading and derivatives business, Nicole has a peerless record of making institutional technology accessible to retail traders of all skill levels.

In June 2017, Nicole retired. The platform she and her team helped build had become so powerful that even professional investors were signing up. The scales were finally balanced, and perhaps even tipped in favor of the individual. Her mission was complete.

But a year later, a new challenge emerged. One that she couldn’t pass up.

Blockchain’s co-founder and CEO, Peter Smith, reached out to Nicole about a new project the firm would be building. He wanted Nicole to spearhead the creation of an institutional-grade crypto trading platform that would be the fastest, most reliable, and most liquid exchange in the market.

She would once again be creating a foundation for millions of retail traders to thrive in a market plagued with misconduct, outdated trading technology, and unfair competition.

“When Peter approached me with his vision for The PIT, I realized this was an opportunity to make an even greater impact to millions of retail crypto traders,” says Nicole.  

That’s when Nicole left retirement behind and dove headfirst into Blockchain and the world of crypto.

Now, a year after joining Blockchain and helping to bring The PIT to market, Nicole will be driving product strategy to level the playing field for crypto’s retail investors and help them find an edge over the market.

Follow Nicole on Twitter @NicSherrod for more insights on The PIT, crypto markets, and an expertly curated selection of memes. Also, watch her discuss The PIT on Yahoo Finance and Cheddar.

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