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Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform Vows to Return Power to Users

A social media application “rewards users for their time and creativity” spent on online content. The team says it has amassed an extensive network of influencers and celebrities — as well as more than 120 global ambassadors in 20 countries. “Superfood hunter” Darin Olien, YouTube comedian Bart Baker and choreographer Antoine Troupe are among those confirmed to be joining the network.

After being in invite-only mode, Appics says the beta version of its platform has opened to crypto enthusiasts and early adopters. This summer, it is planning to launch to the public at large — and hopes to build upon the communities using its apps for iOS and Android devices.

The company says its goal is to bring crypto to the masses and help social media fans to become acquainted with digital currencies and blockchain technology. Appics uses a dual-blockchain solution that combines two of the world’s biggest crypto communities: EOS and Steem. According to executives, this unprecedented approach has been achieved through collaboration and a belief in the power of community.

How it works

Through Appics, users are incentivized to post high-quality material and assign value to others based on the popularity of their photos, videos and status updates. The company says its blockchain delivers a decentralized structure and full transparency — with users “up-voting” the posts they like, giving valuable content a boost.

When it comes to its approach for advertising and organizing the vast amounts of content that appear on a social media site, Appics says it has opted to divide posts across 20 categories, including ever-popular themes such as fashion, music and food. Users can endlessly explore the latest trends and indulge in never-ending snaps of classy food in high-end restaurants, along with expertly produced videos in the niches they’re passionate about. This approach ensures that brands can convey their personality and message in a less intrusive way.

In an interesting twist, each category is directed by an expert who has established an audience on other social media platforms. They are responsible for curating the content they think the world should see, share wisdom with aspiring influencers and give talented individuals the opportunity to thrive.

Following influencers and brands

Appics continues to entice influencers to join its platform — and says its site is the perfect place for sharing creative content and pushing boundaries.

Meanwhile, the platform is making a concerted effort to change perceptions about advertising on social media. Appics says it wants to provide a compelling alternative to sites accused of intruding on user privacy and plundering their data in order to make a profit — as well as give companies a chance to boost their brand’s image by running campaigns in a “positive, trusted environment.”

The categories unveiled by Appics mean that a business specializing in pet care, for example, can choose to only show their advertising in the Animals section. Not only does this increase the likelihood that their promotions will reach a greater number of people who have a genuine interest in what they have to offer, but it also helps viewers establish a strong connection. As the platform’s website says, “Brands need meaningful messaging alongside content that strategically makes sense — content that fits.”

A base in Crypto Valley

Appics is headquartered in the small town of Zug — a stone’s throw away from the Swiss city of Zurich — in a place that has been christened “Crypto Valley” thanks to its reputation as a well-regulated hub for blockchain companies and a driver for innovation.

The company recently launched its new ticker symbol, APX, for Appics tokens, and the participants in the initial coin offering are being invited to register for a token swap on the social media platform’s official website. In the coming months, the company plans to list APX on decentralized exchanges and mainstream trading platforms.

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