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Blockchain Browser Brave Launches Token Tipping Service for Twitter Users

The blockchain-based decentralized internet browser Brave now allows Twitter users to tip content creators with its native Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Brave discussed the public launch of its token tipping service in an announcement on Aug. 1, wherein users can reportedly specify the amount they wish to tip a given Twitter account, and the recipient will receive their tip in BAT directly. 

The announcement also lists a number of features associated with the tipping service, including setting up regularly recurring tips as well as a mechanism for Tweeting at a tipped creator to tell them how to claim their donation. 

Brave began testing its Twitter tipping service in May on its testing and development browser version called Brave Nightly.

As detailed in the announcement, the new feature comes as new in-browser offering via Brave Rewards. Users who have opted into Brave Rewards will now see a tip option on Twitter posts when viewing Twitter through their Brave desktop browser. Brave Rewards also supports tipping on YouTube and Twitch, and will reportedly be coming to Reddit, GitHub and Vimeo.

Brave Rewards users can also earn the token by watching privacy-preserving ads or through traditional purchases. 

At press time, BAT has a market capitalization of over $302 million and is trading at $0.237, down 3.4% on the day, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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As previously reported by Cointelegraph, the blockchain organization Props recently received approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to offer its token under Regulation A+. Props is an Ethereum-based token that is designed to be easily implemented in external applications for rewards. The first app on the Props network is reportedly YouNow — a streaming service that now offers token rewards in exchange for streaming.

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