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Why Joining AMFEIX Is The Best Crypto Decision You Can Make

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, slightly more than a decade ago, they have received their fair share of praise and criticism. In the same way,, the world’s first blockchain fund trading on Bitcoin is not immune to skepticism. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early years and it’s one of the best investments vehicles available. 

Investment and trading of any kind requires proper planning, patience, time, and research in order to ensure the security of all invested funds and, most importantly, can fetch handsome returns. AMFEIX’s policy of transparency and forthrightness with its clientele is worth applauding. They have adopted a client-friendly approach in order to provide their clients with the best service.

Investor Security

AMFEIX creates a wallet on the Ethereum network, a decentralized platform that ensures funds are free from third party interference. Additionally, the wallet is password-protected and has 12 random seed keys that you need in order to access your account and link the wallet to your device of choice. 

The company also keeps only 30-50% of all pooled resources for active trading and exchanges. The other 50-70% is then held in cold storage by having it offline to keep it secure and mitigate hacking since the cold wallets cannot be tampered with or be manipulated. All this is to ensure that the company remains operational in the long haul and that investors’ funds are well secured. 

Investor Disclaimer

Investing in any financial vehicles always comes with a risk. AMFEIX is a fund with well-trained and highly skilled traders who work round the clock to ensure that your investments grow in value. However, AMFEIX operates realistically and realizes that losses can appear because of some choices that the team adopts.

Besides, AMFEIX has provided a disclaimer whereby when getting to their website, the user confirms that accessing the website is done at the sole discretion of the investor and that any investments made for any product or service may not be subject to rules and regulations governing the sale of financial securities and financial services in your area.

All registered investors are allowed under the rules applicable to them and any entity they represent to access the AMFEIX website. In instances where traders are unable to confirm this permission, AMFEIX forbids them from accessing the website and would not be held liable for any issues arising as a result of any prohibited assess to the website and the fund.

You Are Responsible for Your Funds at AMFEIX 

The wallet seed keys and passwords ought to be kept safe, as they are the key to your account and subsequently, your investments. AMFEIX would not be held accountable for any lost or stolen funds because of the investors’ negligence. 

It’s also important to note that AMFEIX does not guarantee any positive returns on investments. Although the fund aims at 10-20% ROI, just as any investment vehicle, the platform sees changes that swing in both directions. 

On some days, the BTC grows exponentially and, on others, a slight drop in the value of investments may be witnessed. The platform advises all investors that come on board to bear this in mind. The losses are usually shared amongst all investors proportionately. aims to remain profitable in the end and seeks to ensure that investors get good returns on their investments and see a growth in their BTC investments.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release

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