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Crypto Price Analysis & Overview: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Basic Attention Token, DigiByte


As the correction continues, resistance in this range is $10,000 while support is $9,100. If the support around $8,800 breaks, we’ll be in the region from which Bitcoin climbed during the last run. It’s important to note that the correction changed the bullish momentum of 2019 into a bearish situation.

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Trading against the rising dollar, ETH is performing decently but remains fragile. The support in this range is $200 while the resistance is $230. As far as the Fibonacci index is concerned, 0.618 is usually the range for repairs in the cryptocurrency market, but it doesn’t promise anything.


Trading against Bitcoin, support in this range is around 0.02 BTC where we bottomed this year, but we could go to newer lows. This will depend on the performance of Bitcoin. The resistance in this range is 0.22 BTC.



Trading against the dollar, Ripple is confirming a bottom around 29 cents, which was tested a few times in 2019. The support in this range is 30 cents while the resistance is 34 cents, which is where the 200MA is located.

Trading against Bitcoin, XRP’s decline has slowed over the past two weeks. We saw attempts to form support at 3,000 satoshi. Resistance in this range is 3,300 sat and it’s being tested. If the price breaks above this level, it might quickly return to 4,000 sat.


Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The price of BAT has declined to 27 cents. The support in this range is 23 cents, and if that doesn’t hold, we’ll see further support at 19 cents.


Trading against Bitcoin, BAT’s support is around 2,150 sat. Resistance here is around the 50MA at 2,800 sat.



Trading against the dollar, DigiByte’s support is found around $0.01. Resistance in this range is $0.013. Most of the trading is performed against Bitcoin because of the lower rates.

Trading against BTC, support is being tested at 100 sat. Resistance in this range is 120 sat, and it’s bolstered by the 50MA with two previous attempts to break above it.


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