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Swiss Crypto Startup Makes ‘Highest’ Bitcoin Trade Ever at 4164m

Cryptocurrency services financial services provider Bitcoin Suisse claims to have conducted a Bitcoin (BTC) trade at the highest altitude ever in a promotional stunt that took place on July 13. A YouTube video proving this achievement was published on July 19.

New Bitcoin “all-time high” trade

According to the firm’s claims, the trade carried out by its staff took place on the summit of Breithorn mountain range in the Pennine Alps, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Furthermore, almost 70 people reportedly took part in this publicity stunt 4164 meters (nearly 2.59 miles) above the sea level. The official Bitcoin Suisse Twitter account wrote about the achievement:

“NEW ALL-TIME HIGH! On July 13th, Bitcoin Suisse conducted the highest bitcoin trade ever recorded on the summit of Breithorn, Switzerland, 4164m above sea level.”

“A little bit over the top”

Likewise, cryptocurrency startup Luffe’s Twitter account commented on the stunt, complimenting the exchange’s initiative but also admitting that it may be “a little bit ‘over the top.’”

In May 2018, a similar promotional event for the Ukrainian social network ASKfm’s upcoming initial coin offering involved climbing Mount Everest and placing a Ledger hardware wallet with the startup’s tokens on its summit, and led to the death of Lam Babu Sherpa.

As Cointelegraph reported in January last year, KFC Canada also leverage crypto for promotion introducing a new menu item — the Bitcoin Bucket of chicken tenders — that customers could buy exclusively with bitcoins.

Earlier this month, Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse applied for banking and securities dealer licenses from Switzerland’s finance regulator.

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