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Kyber Networks and Unibright set to join Libra Camp

Kyber Networks and Unibright are set to join Libra Camp. Libra Camp is the go-to for the Libra ecosystem — startups will receive both technical guidance on how to build apps on Libra and guidance for building the things that people need.

Libra Camp is a virtual boot camp for startups to build apps on the Libra Blockchain. A digital 10 weeks virtual accelerator $25k investment is secured for all the participating teams, alongside follow-up investments of up to a $1,000,000 for the top teams.

The current list of participants includes two Cryptocurrency projects, Kyber Networks and Unibright. Unibright have already integrated the Libra coding language MOVE into their Blockchain agnostic Smart contract Framework. All of the boot camp participants are set to receive the following benefits:

  • Feedback from the partners and the community: startups will be matched with one of the Libra founding members and will build a product with ongoing member and community feedback.

  • Funding – startups will get two rounds of funding, $25k from the accelerator and $500-$1,000 from the investorspartners network

  • Adoption and product market fit – the startups will work and iterate based on the partner and community needs so they maximizing the chance of getting them to use the products after completion.

  • Technical support – startups will receive ongoing technical support regarding best practices in order to build applications on top of the Libra Blockchain.

With an impressive list of mentors, including big names from companies such as PayPal, Winklevoss Capital, and Pantera Capital, as well as the $1 million dollars for the top teams, it is clear that the Libra Association is serious about attracting the top talent. For Unibright and Kyber Networks, this could be a massive opportunity to establish themselves early within the Libra ecosystem.


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