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Blockchain Monthly Update: July

It’s safe to say June was exciting for all of us in crypto, regardless of which tokens, networks, and assets you watch most closely. For this month’s update, we recap an eventful few weeks and share some Blockchain news, including a product roll-out, milestone and published research.

ICYMI – Crypto Investment Thesis, Full USD PAX Rollout

Last month, we released our General Investment Thesis for Cryptocurrencies, which offers investors insights into how to measure their crypto holdings. Our Head of Research, Dr. Garrick Hileman, along with our research team developed a comprehensive report on the factors driving investment in cryptocurrencies, what’s holding prospective investors back, and what will catalyze the next phase of growth.

In it, they answer questions like:

  • What is crypto’s environmental impact?
  • Is Bitcoin’s ‘digital gold’ thesis accurate?
  • Are cryptoassets indelibly tainted by criminal reputation?

Detailed breakdowns of key thesis topics will be released over coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out for those deeper dives.

Back in May, we announced our partnership with Paxos and the addition of digital dollars (USD PAX) to the Blockchain Wallet. We’re happy to announce that USD PAX is now available online and on both Android and iOS devices. As the market moves, you can easily derisk your holdings, hedge against inflation of your local currency, or settle in a fiat currency outside of traditional banking hours, right in the palm of your hand.

On Blockchain 1 PAX always equals 1 USD, even on the go.

Feature of the Month – Prices Page

Curious about activity in the market and want to know how various cryptos are performing? Then check out our Prices page.

You’ll be able to explore the price activity of top ten cryptocurrencies, view side-by-side comparisons of coins, review live trade histories, and dive into historical ROIs.

Interested in joining the crypto ecosystem or expanding your hodlings into a new asset, but unsure how much cash to spend? Use our Crypto Converter. Just fill in your USD, EUR or GBP amount and select your cryptoasset of choice, and the converter handles the rest.

The Bottom Line – 40 Million Blockchain Wallets, and counting!

On June 27th we reached another milestone when we crossed 40 million wallets. The new wave of adopters has correlated with this year’s positive price action across cryptocurrencies, but we’re particularly excited by the velocity of new Wallet creation.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome all of our new users on this rocket to the moon!

Blockchain in the Cryptosphere

In the news:

  • CNBC – Garrick Hileman, Head of Research here at Blockchain, discussed with CNBC the impact of Facebook’s new Stablecoin, Libra, on the crypto ecosystem.
  • Bloomberg – Alastair Marsh spoke with Charles McGarraugh, a former Goldman Sachs partner and current Blockchain Head of Markets, also regarding the new financial system and its impact on banks.
  • The Block – Our CFO, Macrina Kgil, on why preparing for an IPO pays off in the long run, regardless of if you go public.
  • Reuters – Our CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Smith, breaks down just why Stablecoins make sense in a market with otherwise extreme volatility.
  • Decrypt – Tim Copeland dives into three reasons to own crypto, according to our recently published Investment Thesis.

Events in July:

  • BIP001 Conference (July 5th-7th) – Our Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Nic Cary, joined a panel on the digitization of real assets and how they will shape the future.
  • Unbound London (July 17th) – Nic will once again take stage. This time on a panel discussing innovation in finance.
  • P2P Financial Systems 2019 (July 26th)- Garrick Hileman will be keynoting the European Central Bank’s P2P Financial Systems workshop.

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