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Popularizing The Digital Economy by Cryptocurrencies Rent: A Review of The MetaHash Project

The term blockchain appears more and more often in the media. This technology is already used by the largest companies in the world in their business models, but unfortunately, nowadays the vast majority of people do not understand what it is. To change this situation, the creators of the MetaHash project launched a unique project – they give 1,000 MetaHashCoins (MHC) for rent to each new user who joins their MetaGather Program. At the moment, the company has already managed to attract more than 20,000 active users. In this article, we will talk about what this project is and why it is worth attention.

What is MetaHash and how does it work?

So, MetaHash is an innovative blockchain of a new generation that works on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol, which means that this network has high bandwidth. According to the developers, the MetaHash network can support more than 50,000 transactions per second, and the time to confirm one transaction does not exceed three seconds.

As mentioned above, MetaHash decided to give 1000 MHC to each newly registered user for rent, so that one could start earning money from the first minute and thereby be immersed in the digital economy.

It is important to understand that these coins cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other users, they are intended exclusively for forging – this is a process that very much resembles BTC mining, but easier and you can start with zero investment. Each new user can receive up to 40% of the reward which is usually granted to those who bought coins for forging, the reward can be significantly increased if users integrate into the work of MetaHash more deeply, invite their friends, start to forge in a more advanced way like delegation of coins, or buy more MHC.

Learn more about the MetaHash referral system

MetaHash has a very profitable two-level referral system. Let’s view the principle of its work on a specific example:

  1. Nicolas invited Dean;
  2. Deann invited Sam;
  3. Sam shares a post on Facebook;
  4. Sam`s Wallet wins 77k MHC;
  5. Dean gets 7.7K;
  6. Nicolas receives 7.7K;
  7. Sam gets 15.4K.


The MetaHash project approach helps people to get involved in blockchain technology and the digital economy as a whole. This is easy to see if to look at the figures: about 20 thousand active users are registered with over 200 servers installed by community in the project at the moment, and the daily number of transactions exceeds 300 thousand.

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