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Wanchain Announces Enterprise Blockchain Partnership With PUC Berhad

Wanchain partnered up today with a Malaysian digital giant, PUC Berhad, which is the company behind PrestoMall (an online marketplace), Presto Super App (a lifestyle app), and many other digital services. The Malaysian company has a brand-new blockchain strategy, and Wanchain will be providing the technology to execute it.

Taking Blockchain Technology Further

PUC Berhad will use Wanchain’s private chain for several projects. The Malaysian company is planning to use the chain for microlending (extending very small loans to borrowers who are considered riskier) and decentralizing credit scoring. PUC Berhad has its own PUC ecosystem within the company, and it plans to tokenize the loyalty points used in its system.  

Future plans between the two parties include utilizing blockchain solutions for building decentralized wallet and payment systems, and even a decentralized exchange.

Kenneth Hiew, PUC’s COO, noted:

A partnership with Wanchain will strengthen our position in the blockchain vertical as we look to incorporate this groundbreaking technology in various aspects of our business. We look forward to working together to bring added efficiencies, customer offerings, and other benefits to PUC’s ecosystem.

Also weighing in was the founder and CEO of Wanchain, Jack Lu:

This is only the first of several upcoming cooperations between Wanchain and traditional companies looking to integrate blockchain into their businesses and is significant not only for the Wanchain organization but for the greater adoption and use of blockchain worldwide. Wanchain aims to be the go-to blockchain for businesses looking to take advantage of the uniquely powerful benefits blockchain brings.

A Valuable Partnership

Partnerships of this kind are always good for the blockchain space as they take the technology and spread it throughout more conventional fields. PUC Berhad is a company with more than 20 years of experience, and it was listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s ACE Market in 2002.

Although the company is best known for providing payment solutions and integrated media services, its current portfolio consists of several digital products in AI, new media, e-commerce, mobile payments, and other fields.

Wanchain is growing as well. With offices spread across the world, the project offers an infrastructure which intends to connect the financial world. Its live cross-blockchain solution is EVM-based and includes optional private transactions while offering a permissionless and decentralized approach to interoperability.

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