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Maria Carola Has Established a New Defi Exchange Called Stealth EX

Maria Carola is the CEO of crypto exchange Stealth EX, a non-custodial platform built for limitless swaps.

Maria Carola and the Building of Stealth EX

In a recent interview, Carola sat down and discussed how Stealth EX came to be and what it’s looking to accomplish. Discussing her background in crypto, Carola stated:

My name is Maria Carola, and I’m the chief executive officer of Stealth EX. I’ve been working full-time in crypto for about seven years now, doing marketing and management for various projects. All these projects are non-custodial, and I fully support the whole idea of self-custody and full-fund ownership myself.

She talked about what it was that inspired her to get involved in building a crypto exchange, saying:

Stealth EX is an instant, non-custodial exchange with over 700 assets listed. Our service has been around for quite a while, since 2018, always expanding and adding new features. Right now, you can swap and buy a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Our liquidity providers are Binance, Kucoin, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Huobi, and more. Basically, our users can utilize these platforms without having to trust their funds to them or [need] to go through smart contracts… The business was inspired by not wanting to trust our funds to centralized exchanges. The basic notion of crypto is that it should be decentralized, and we stand by it. Also, many people out there can’t use centralized exchanges due to the regions they reside in. We’re here to solve this problem, too.

When talking about some of the unique features and services the company offers, she mentioned:

Stealth EX has the widest range of cryptocurrencies listed if compared to other instant exchange services. Currently, we have over 700 assets on the platform and are always expanding this range. All the swaps made with Stealth EX are registration-free (you don’t even have to leave us your email), non-custodial, and limitless. As for the limits, we keep the lower limit very low so anyone can try the platform with smaller sums, and the upper limit is pretty much nonexistent.

Following the collapse of FTX, she claimed the sentiment surrounding crypto exchanges has changed somewhat. She stated:

In the past year or so, we have seen so many cases of centralized exchanges going down, being hacked, smart contracts being broken into and so on, that now is a perfect time to turn to services that do not store your assets. This turn is happening as we speak. Many users want to move their funds from an exchange and are looking for alternatives. Stealth EX is always here for those who want to swap their funds securely.

Keeping Things Secure

She concluded with:

Stealth EX allows users to utilize the liquidities of major providers like Binance and Kucoin without having to go through verifications and registration.

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