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Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor Delivers Automated Trading Without Coding

A company that develops advanced crypto trading products has unveiled a drag-and-drop visual editor that enables users to quickly design technical indicators and automated trading strategies — and execute backtests with speed.

HaasOnline says its visual editor is especially beneficial for users who have minimal programming experience but nonetheless want to increase levels of automation through an intuitive algo designer built on-top of a feature-rich scripting language.

The company says its goal is to help traders and investors increase their profit margins and reduce instances of human error in the automation process. More than 600 user commands are available in the latest version of HaasScript, which is being billed as “the world’s most advanced crypto trading scripting language.”

Through the visual editor, users can organize and edit the command blocks that illustrate how a specific script will be executed. A text-based editor also enables users to enjoy greater levels of control — with autocomplete suggestions and a cheat sheet of HaasScript commands. Other benefits include ease of use as well as how it speeds up the creation of scripts while reducing syntax errors in code. Visualizing the command blocks can also enhance a trader’s ability to troubleshoot when things aren’t going to plan.

According to HaasOnline, the time savings its drag-and-drop visual editor can offer are substantial. Not only is it up to 10 times quicker than traditional scripting but when paired with the company’s new backtesting engine, it is up to 293 times faster than its previous tools used for backtesting.

Quintus de Haas, the company’s chief technology officer, said: “With the introduction of the Visual Editor, which utilizes HaasScript, we have made it easy for users who don’t code to create scripts. We are happy with the feedback we have been receiving from the community. Our development team has been working extremely hard to create and refine the world’s most advanced scripting language and tools for crypto automation.”

HaasOnline is available here

New features in the pipeline

HaasOnline says it has no plans to sit still when it comes to unveiling new features that will benefit the crypto community. The company is putting the finishing touches on a marketplace where users can exchange automated crypto trading bots and customized technical indicators that have been built using HaasScript. Users are also going to get the chance to subscribe to third-party signal providers, a highly requested addition.

The company says its vision is to continue innovating and build upon the five years of experience it has in the industry. The HaasOnline Trade Server is the product at the heart of its operation — with the HaasBot enabling users to engage in exchange arbitraging, scalping and other common trading strategies. Its backtesting functionality means strategies can be put through their paces using historical data from exchanges in time frames ranging from six hours to 36 weeks, as well as the option to paper trade with live exchange data. A multitude of customizable dashboards can also be created, including widgets for technical indicators, wallet data and trade bot intelligence.

With security a continuing concern for traders, HaasOnline says it offers the perfect balance between privacy and productivity. Two-factor authentication logins are available, IPs can be whitelisted and auto logouts are the default. When combined with proxy routing and the absence of tracking analytics, this on-premise solution gives users the ability to go about their business with confidence.

Given how the crypto world is a 24/7 business, HaasOnline aims to help traders keep their downtime to a minimum, allowing their strategies to be executed with precision as they sleep. This technology also frees up precious time to pursue other opportunities, either for business or for leisure.

The company was founded in early 2014 by two brothers, Stephan and Quintus de Haas, from the Netherlands.

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