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Crypto Market Update: Another Bitcoin ETF Rejection, Bitcoin Facing $10,000

After a particularly tumultuous and volatile few months, this week we saw Bitcoin markets stabilize slightly as their trading volume dipped. The SEC rejected yet another pile of Bitcoin ETF requests. Regardless of the small price drop, Bitcoin seems to be continuing its positive trend.

The US-China trade war continues, and in the face of the declining capital markets, the prices of gold and silver continue to rise. However, unlike in past economic crises, Bitcoin is also in the picture. If we look at domestic crises in recent years, Bitcoin has responded with sharp price rises. It is only logical to assume that it may behave the same in a significant international crisis.

Meanwhile, trading volume on popular P2P exchange LocalBitcoin has reached new highs in response to the downfall of the Argentine peso and collapse of the country’s stock exchange.

Source: coindance

In the alts arena, the declines were somewhat halted, and after Bitcoin’s dominance rate reached nearly 70%, alts have started to move upward. However, the price floor is difficult to establish, and Bitcoin’s dominance may continue to climb. The correction in the alts market is a result of the ICO trend that has inflated the space.

However, after regulators clarified their positions on the ICO model, the IEO trend has gained momentum but failed to reach the former’s scale. It is important to remember that not all alts are seeing lows in USD terms, but against Bitcoin, a lot of them have been bleeding and it takes serious imagination to envision a rebound.

Meanwhile, the market is continuing its maturation process. It is no longer a tiny niche comprised of enthusiasts in the wild virtual west, as in recent years large players have entered the market along with regulators which are still trying to understand what crypto is.

In summary, we saw a relatively calm week in the market, and it seems the quiet will not last for long. The price of Bitcoin is in a critical area, and past experience indicates that stability in the market is only the calm before the storm.

Market Data

Market Cap: $293.4B

24h Vol: $44.9B

BTC Dominance: 68.6%

BTC: $11,250 (-5.4%)
ETH: $209,9 (-9.2%)
XRP: $0.29 (-6.8%)

BTC Shorts (BFX): 8.5K BTC

BTC Longs (BFX): 25.8K BTC

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