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TRON Cofounder Justin Sun Is Hiding Out from The Chinese Authorities


Cofounder of TRON cryptocurrency project Justin San is allegedly hiding out from the Chinese authorities since November 2018. Just then he managed to find the way out of the country.

According to the news agency Caixin, Sun has found out about the ban on leaving China without the legal permission of the authorities in June 2018. From that moment until January 2019 he did not be in the public eye.

Sun has made use of the opportunity to find the regulatory gap to leave China, but how he did it remains unclear. The agency also writes that TRON cofounder on repeated occasions tried lifting the restrictions against himself, but his efforts were failed.

At the same time, Cliff Edwards, Global Communications Director of the TRON Foundation, stated that the allegations that Sun was forbidden to leave China are leasing.

He also says that Sun moved to San Francisco in October and freely traverse the globe. According to Edwards, people on the border control lists are informed about this. However, such notification has not been received by Sun.

Earlier this week, Cliff Edwards posted a tweet with Sun. Both of them are said to be in San Francisco. TRON cofounder has been holding a sheet of paper including a Tron blockchain hash. According to Edward, this confirmed the truth of his words.

Justin Sun Has Problems Due To Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett

Note that this is not the first post from the Chinese media that appeared this week states that Justin Sun was forbidden to leave the country. The special committee on Internet security formed by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China allegedly accused Sun of money laundering, illegal investment, involvement in the distribution of pornography and gambling.

According to Sun, startup Tron is registered in Singapore and operates in compliance with local regulations. The company is not involved in capital outflow from China and is not engaged in the withdrawal of financial assets (in fiat or virtual currencies) outside of the country. Justin ignored the statements of journalists about his alleged whereabouts.

Caixin also writes that Sun’s problems arose because of his intention to lunch with financial oracle Warren Buffett. Presumably, the Chinese authorities are troubled with such actions against the background of the ongoing trade war with the United States.

Recall that Sun postponed lunch with Warren Buffett citing health problems experienced by the project’s cofounder. According to Charlie Lee, the guest of the lunch, Warren Buffet will never be interested in Bitcoin. On the other hand, all the hype that was provoked by Justin Sun would able to have a positive effect on the crypto sphere due to extensive media coverage.



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